Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fun with Paper

I love knitting—and all textiles.. And I love paper crafts.

Here is a great site for paper craft lovers (and here is a link to a post with another paper craft site—paper dolls to print and color..)

This post has directions for the first of 2 fun paper folding tricks I know. This first one, a small booklet, is courtesy of Elizabeth C.--an on-line friend I met in person recently.

This is not Origami, It will require scissors--and it uses a "legal" (8.5 X14 inch peice of paper.)

As with all paper crafts, neat, precise folds make all the difference. Take your time, work on a smooth surface, and carefully align the corners before creasing, and make smooth, even creases.

For illustration purposes, the corners are not always aligned...But don't let this fool you.

Step 1
Start with a ‘legal’ (8.5 x 14--A12?) paper

Step 2 Fold like a “hot dog roll”, crease and unfold--1st fold

Step 3 With out turning over, Fold like a hamburger roll --crease-- do not unfold (2nd fold)

Step 4
Fold each edge again, and make 2 “hot dog rolls” folds, (or a W shape or a 2 mountain shape (when viewed from side)

First fold the side facing you: Take the top edge (the open edge) and fold it down to the meet the folded edge..

Then turn the paper over and fold the 2nd top edge down to the folded edge
(3rd and 4th folds)

The Long edge is 8.5 inches, the short edge is about 3.5 inches (14 inches folded into 4 equal parts (14/4=3.5 inches.)

Here the W is evident, but in next step, it will upside down--a double mountain shape.... with the outside flaps lifted up.

This is a double mountain shape /\/\--an upside down W.

The Hamburger fold is the V in the center. The peaks of the mountains are the 2 hot dog roll folds

Step 5
Cut along the very first fold line (the hot dog roll fold)—starting at the second fold line(the hamburger roll fold) to the 3rd and 4th fold lines! (the second set of hot dog roll folds.) Cut carefully.

Cut FROM the first Hamburger fold line, Along the First Hot dog fold line--to the second and third hot dog fold lines.
See illustration.

Step 6
Pull the cut edges apart—
Grasp at dot, and pull Out and Up..
(until the cut edge becomes horizontal and the paper has a cross (+) shape.)

See how the Dots have moved away from each other? and how the cut edge is now horizontal, and the paper has taken on the shape of a cross?

The Red lines are the Fold lines (of the Hamburger fold)

Step 7
Fold the cross into a booklet..
Turn upside down, so that there are 2 folded edges at the top of the booklet.
The 2 other folded edges are at the front of the booklet.

Add art work and messages as desired.

(Step 8--Optional-- Number booklet pages, then unfold completely.
Use the page numbers to set up a template, and print a message on a sheet of paper before folding.--You'll need to Adjust Page Set Up in Word Processor to Landscape mode (the usual default is Portrait, not landscape)

Next, a paper trick Betsy Rose knew--or so it is said.

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