Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm on Fire!

5 inches into the foot, I am about to start the flames..
But first let me digress --or perhaps, rather, let me explain my digressions!

I made mention of the Hot Rod sock previously.. and I sort of claimed to be knitting it.
I am--sort of--but me being me, well--I made a few changes.
I am using:
different yarn
at a different gauge
in a different size
working in a different direction(toe up)
and consequently, will be working a different heel.

Oh, yeah, with all the other differences, the chart doesn't work for my stitch count, so finally,
I am using a different flame pattern.

Aside from that, IT IS The Hot Rod Sock—all my changes are immaterial! Any one looking at my sock will immediately see, for all I've changed, the basic design remains intact. And while its not the sock as designed, it's also not my design!

It isn't the same.. but the basic idea, the basic look, at the core, it's really just me finding my way to knit a pattern I really like!

But before I could start on the flame, I needes a bright flame orange yarn—Not an easy color, and not one in my stash. I could have gone shopping (I am working in Mid town these days, with in walking distance of 3 LYS, (School products, Gotta Knit and (I forget the name of the third, but.. there is one))

But...I already own so much sock yarn.. and I didn't really need a lot of the orange (or of the yellow either)

So I started with some left over white yarn. First it was too light (and peachy) I didn't bother to photograph, but immediately re-dyed. Then it was too dark and red.
It's a great color (and I'll find a use for it, I'm sure!)--but it's to red, and too solid.. Not enough contrast, not enough interest(for my purposes).

--A few yards of yellow base—and I got a great (but to solid) flame like orange—I was on the right track..

Well (is it always, or does it just seems that way?) the third time was the charm.

I started with the same yellow base yarn--Kroy 4 ply-originally a sunny yellow--color way "Mellow Yellow" (it's a few years old and this color is no longer in productions)
And I overdyed it –into a near solid, bright, firey orange. There are still hints of the original yellow, and places are as deep and as dark a red as the toe... and now its time to start working the flame.

As for the flame... It's my own pattern—I don't think its as good as the original... but it's better than my first effort.

Unlike the original 16 stitch pattern, my flame is a 24 stitch pattern (there will be 3 repeats over the 72 stitches.)--I created a table, and colored in each square--(and then moved a good three feet away from my computer, removed my glasses and squinted.) That worked--flaws became very evident—and after a few edits, I finally got a pattern that works.. (or so I think!)

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Winsjammer said...

That color is hot!