Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progress on Socks--Past the ring of Fire,

I never thought I would look forward to knitting stocking knit in black. But I am pleased to be done with the ring of fire. (Dante’s first circle of hell!)--Of course, now I am entering the blackness of Hell.. but that actually looking good right now!

With almost 8 inches of sock done, they are beginning to look proportioned.. Men have such big feet, and the two previous pairs I of socks that I have knit have been super small children’s socks—which makes these socks seem even larger!

I love the orange yarn (and so did a member of my LIC knitting group—she saw the yarn in my clear “purse” that I use for socks last night and commented)

But there really isn’t enough contrast between the orange and the red, and there is too much between the orange and the yellow—I could have tried again, (and again) to get the colors perfect—but it might have taken more yarn (and time) than I was interested in investing—I want theses socks to be done in a timely manner—(in other words, they should have already been finished, and not still pre-heel turning!)

They look better in some light than in others... and the color work will looks so much better once the ends are woven in and the sock has been blocked.

Over all I am pleased with the design, even if slightly less pleased with the color balance.

In another few rows, I am going to switch to a rib, (5 X 1) –I am enjoying the plain knitting right now, and in another inch or two, will begin the gusset increases for the reverse engineered heel, which will also increase interest, but I like to knit ‘balanced socks’--that is to make the leg about equal to the foot-- And 11 5/8inches of foot, means 11 5/8 inches of leg… That a lot of leg to knit, and a rib pattern(not much of a pattern, but better than nothing) will help.

I have a small quantity of the red yarn left over, and there will be a one or two row red stripe just before I switch from 5 X 1 leg ribbing to 1 X 1 cuff ribbing--and the cuff is likely to be a deep one--most likely 2 or more inches.

The bind off will be another stripe either the orange (likely) or the yellow... Grafted—my favorite finish to a 1 X 1 cuff.

Every time I knit a scarf, I question my sanity.

I grow bored long before the scarf is finished, and I almost never wear a scarf (well--a scarf for warmth--and even scarves as accessories are only rarely worn.. Same goes for shawls... they get worn once or twice at Knit Outs (now a thing of the past in NYC) or at Sheep and Wool shows (and last year I didn’t go to a single one—this year I might make a 1 day visit to Rhinebeck..) and then almost never get worn again.

I Love knitting them-- but rarely wear them.

So it makes no sense, but I just bought --Knitting New Scarves--and I intend to knit some of the scarves in the book.

I love the interesting techniques. Some are new, some are techniques I know, used in a new way, and some are so simple—but interesting. Some of the patterns will be perfect projects for my knitting students—lots of simple garter stitch, with some interesting skill building techniques to learn. When I will get to knit one...who knows.. Soon.. but..

I have-- in my mental queue--a pair of sweaters for my grandchildren.. (And I really want to get them done—my son (and family) go camping, so wool sweaters are useful items in the kid’s wardrobes—not to mention, kids grow all the time and always need new clothes.

And I had a wonderful idea for a pair of sock last night—and I can hardly contain myself –Even though I have skeins and skeins of self striping sock yarn I want to knit up—I have to get going, and finish up a few projects before I can start them.. But I want to knit them RIGHT NOW.

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Robyn said...

I looooovve those socks!!