Thursday, September 04, 2008

RCN ideas (not)

I tend not to use this blog a political soap box.

(I also tend to be politically liberal and fiscally conservative)

There is a lot I don’t like about Obama—but..
Watching even a small bit of the RNC…I am struck by what is being said, (and what is not being said.) I am struck by the continued lies.

Like the claim that McCain is going to end the war—with HONOR.

THE WAR? Which war?

The some what valid (but essentially stupid) war in Afghanistan?
Remember that war? We went into Afghanistan to get bin Laden

Remember bin Laden? He's the mastermind behind the September 11th attacks?
He’s still there--and so are we--but we don't seem to be doing much. (Except risking the lives of the men and women we've sent there.)

We have been unable to find a 6 foot 7 man hiding in the hills... I don’t know about you, but I think anybody 6 foot 7 inches tall stands out—in a crowd, when seated, just about anywhere!

And he is an Arab in a nation of Afghanis—(think about finding a 6 foot 7 inch Italian in Ireland… sure they are both Europeans... but even blond haired blue eyed Italians don’t look Irish!) an Arab, doesn’t look like an Afgani, either.

That war, the one in Afghanistan, that is a war on Terrorism—though you might as well launch a war on the tide—War isn’t the way to fight terrorism.

Or where the Republicans talking about the War in Iraq—(that war is a war of terrorism… and we are the terrorist)

The war in Iraq started with lies, and more lies, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (not—another set of lies)

How do we win the war in Iraq?
What are our objectives? (It seems to me, our object, now, is how to get out –with out giving up.)

The shrub claims we are not there to nation build--but having destroyed the existing government, and having made the decision that we want a say in the NEXT government...
I can only guess that we are there to nation build--unless we are there for the oil.

Is the only current object of the war to figure out a way to leave?

Certainly no one in the current administration can articulate our objective for being there.

We INVADE, We started this mess, (for no obvious reason than the Shrub wanted to show everyone he could succeed where Daddy didn't) and he toppled Saddam Hussian. Now what?

The war in Iraq is shameful. WE are shamed by what we have done there. We are shamed by how we have treated the Iraqi's, and more shamed by how we have treated our men and woman in the military--both in Iraq, and more shamefully at home.

There is no Honor in the war in Iraq, and there is no way to end in honor what we so shamefully started.

And then there is Ms Palin

It's hard to think of anything positive to say about her.

Perhaps I'll just ask her to explain how the "Abstanence ONLY" sex education works. (Since this is the only sex education she thinks is needed.)

If she can't get it work in her own family, (a place where in theory, she has the most control) how can she get it to work in families across the US?

Perhaps if her daughter had been given all the information she needed--Real information on birth control, –she might have made a better informed decisions in her personal life.

I don’t think being 17 and forced into a marriage is a good decision.
I don’t think abortion is a good decision either, for the most part.

And most of all, I don’t understand how Ms Palin’s making the decision (about sex education—for all young men and women)-- And making the decision for her daughter (and the somewhat reluctant father of the child) to marry is a good idea.

It’s difficult enough to be a teen—and to be thrust into the spotlight— and to be set up (or torn down) as an example--but I do think old enough to play, old enough to say.

Miss Bristol Palin decided to engage in sex.
She should be old enough to make decisions on the consequences of her actions.

It would have helped if she had been better informed, and understood the risks, (and what actions to take to avoid a teenage pregnancy).

But Ms Palin doesn’t think young men and woman need that information.. All they need is to be told is: Abstain!
and if they don't, Well, then what?

Clearly, for Bristol, there are no options. Ms Palin is now making the decisions for her daughter.

Miss Bristol is not going to have much say in what happens now.

She should have had the option to continue the pregnancy (now a moot point) or not.
She should have had the option to keep the child or not.
She should have had the option to marry the father of her child or not.

But instead, we are seeing the typical NeoCon reaction.. Miss Palin is not trusted to make decisions—Ms Palin doesn’t trust her daughter to make the decisions about her body or her life. Just as she doesn’t trust most of the women in this country to make the best decisions for our self.

Ms Palin wants to make the decision FOR US.

Well, she can (legally) do so for her daughter—but MORALLY she should be listening to her daughter, and letting her daughter, (and the father of the baby) be responsible—in any way that works for them.

Just as she should leave me morally responsible for my actions --and not dictate how I should live my life--(which she think I should do based on her moral beliefs.)


April said...

I pretty much agree with your point of view.

Just so you know, bin Laden is the correct spelling.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I think the current situations warrant clear, concise discussions. This country has lacked real leadership and honesty for far too long. It's time we take it into our own hands and make it happen. And it starts by people speaking up, and saying, enough.

Robyn said...

and....and...! And, they said absolutely NOTHING about what, specifically, they plan to do to make the so-called "change" for three days straight. As if the "change" was from stuff the Dems did for the past eight years? Who has been in charge all this time? The hypocrisy was so amazing even for Republicans. I am so happy that I can get to bed early tonight...they wore me out!

teabird said...


(And she wants to ban books)