Monday, September 01, 2008

Socks--With Pockets

Well, I may not be perfect—but I am a good nana.

Just a few weeks ago my granddaughter Miss B, requested socks with pockets... and here they are 99% complete.

A few threads still need to be woven in, and a small button or bead added (to close the pocket) –but largely, they are done!

These are free-be socks… Knit from yarn left over from other socks.

The solid blue is Patons Kroy sock yarn (the left over bits at least 3 years old!) the Brown is (I think) Cherry Tree Hill Super Merino

The Process—fairly simple.

Toe up (Magic cast on) 2 at a time on 2 circ’s.
Raised increased to shape toe.
Waste yarn to mark heel location.
More waste yarn for pocket cuff.
Pockets knit and inserted, (pocket inserts knit separately)
A few inches of leg, and 1.5 inches of 1 x 1 ribbed cuff.

Then the waste yarn was removed, and the heel knit.
The pocket ‘cuff’ was knit (from the stitches on waste yarn) and the cuff was sewn down, (and the pocket secured)
And now, I am off to... Make another pair of socks!

It’s not what I intended to do… but circumstances have forced me to knit a pair of socks.

A friend (DS) started a small project, and it snowballed into a huge undertaking—and he continued—and ended up with far more work than he intended--all to my enjoyment (and with very little work on my part.)

(How much work? How much enjoyment? Well, here to for, I've only knit socks for blood relatives, and people I've had sex with...-a rather small and select number! DS will be the first person who is a non relative, and non intimate that will receive hand knit socks)

Secondly, I saw this pattern and wanted to knit it.

Thirdly, he’s the kind of guy who will wear these socks on special occasions—like when he knows he’ll be removing his shoes (airport security say) and show them off!—or in other word, the kind of person it’s a pleasure to knit socks for.

Fourthly, he appreciates hand knit socks, (and recognizes their value--a must!)

Fifthly, there are another dozen reasons he deserves them that I am not going to list!

No photo’s yet--but—unusual for me, they are not my own design.

I am knitting (well almost knitting) the Hot Rod socks design. I say almost because the socks will look virtually identical, but I am not following the pattern..

I am just making my own copy of the design-- Right away mine are different, because I am knitting toe up! But the details I am changing don't significantly change the design.

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