Saturday, September 27, 2008

Under the Weather....

I've been sick all week. Nothing special, just a garden variety cold. (I am still sneezing and snuffling a bit.. but I am mostly better)

I've gone to work every day (and looked bad enough on Wednesday, that I got offered a seat on the subway!)

Came home from work (and I just work a 5.5 hour day!) and napped—got up and ate some dinner, and vegetated for the rest of the evening before going to sleep early. I had finished the socks on Sunday, and didn't cast on anything all week.

I did the right thing (for me) – drank plenty of fluids, took plenty of Vitamin C, (and cold ease—there really does seem to be something about C + zinc that works)and rested as much as possible.
(<--that's Let's Knit2gether filming for a pod cast)
By Thursday, I was beginning to feel like I might live.

Which was a good thing...I had tickets for the Stitch n Pitch at Shea.

Now, I am not a big sports fan—I basically know the rules of baseball now, and understand the game, but I not a fan. If I were a fan, I would be a Yankee fan. But Stitch n Pitch was at a Met's game... and well, I had never been to Shea, (not for a ball game, or for the Beatles, or for the Pope, or for anything.) and it is going a way.. and well, I supposed I should go there at least once.
The seats were in the nose bleed area (top deck) –which, for me personally is a problem.

I am, um, 47 (it's a nice number for an age and I am sticking with it!)--but unlike some of my cohort, I haven't yet succumbed, as many do, to presbyopia.. I don't wear bi focals, or invisalines, or other special lenses. I just take my eyeglasses off—and I see fine—for close up work.

Problem is, I can't see the big E on the eye chart with out glasses.

I am fine in the nosebleed area (I have no fear of height) and I was fine with section.. (we were half way between home plate and first base.. really a fine place to sit.) and I am fine watching a ball game (though, in general not very interested in doing so)

But I can't do close up work, (knitting)—and look at it, (sans eye glasses) and watch distance work-a ball game many feet below me, and see it (unless I have my glasses on!)

But I wasn't much worried about that--I saw Stitch n Pitch as a social get together. A chance to be with some other knitters, to share an experience, to be part of a group, doing something I enjoyed, (knitting) and well, the ball game was the excuse to get together.

And I was disappointed.

1—The Stitch N Pitch web site, made mention, you could by Stitch n Pitch tickets (a day that was named as a theme day on the Mets schedule) at the Mets Box office.

But—if you did.. well you weren't part of the TNNA sponsered fun. No goody bags, no entry in the raffle--you weren't really part of the Stitch n Pitch group.

2—Only 2 yarn stores (both in Manhattan) were Stitch n Pitch “partners'”--no stores in Brooklyn, Queens, or LI (Not even the Big Box Stores were involved--you'd think they would be interested--) So this made it easier for some of us NON Manhattanites to get tickets at the box office. The problem with this ? see above-- #1!)

3—The seats were spread out.
Over 3 stair ways, Over 17 rows. (Rows A to R)
I had friends in Row A (I was in row J)(that's Monica)
I had friends in Row R(I was in Row J)

And as it happened, 3 others in my group ended up canceling—so I was sitting in Row J by my lonesome--well-- there were some guys 4 seats over, filling up the other end of the row, but they weren't knitters.

I was at the end of aisle-- and could have just as easily interacted with those across the aisle –but they too, were non knitters.
With empty seats next to me, it wasn't hard for me to turn, and interact with the folks behind me, but behind me were non knitters, too.

I had friends in front of me, (but their heads were below the level of my knees.--and every seat in their row was taken (so I couldn't just switch seats—and they didn't have room to turn readily.)

I was alone. Yes, I was in a stadium filled with people, and there were knitters near by, but I didn't feel like I was with them. They were over there, or the other side, or way behind me, or way in front of me.
Most of the people near me, were non knitters.

It wasn't as if everyone who bought box office seats were in one group..and everyone who got seats from Yarn store A were in a bunch, and everyone who got tickets from yarn store B were in another bunch.

It was just a bunch of knitters—groups from 2 to 4, to 10 (who purchased tickets together) got one row, and the next bunch (of how ever many) got another row. (3 or 4 or 10 rows away from the first bunch!) or up another staircase, (to the right and to the left of the stair case I went up)--and who knows perhaps even in sections even further away.

The rain started as a sprinkle by the fourth inning, and I left. Alone.

Stitch n Pitch is a nice idea
But I for one didn't feel like was part of a group event.
I wasn't part of the group that got goody bags.
I wasn't part of the group that got raffle prizes.
and I wasn't sitting with a group. There were mini groups here, and there, but there wasn't a big section of knitters in one group. We didn't fill rows, or sections.. We were scattered here and there over a rather large area.

I did walk up and down the stairs, and visit some friends, but I felt alone.
I was alone.
I don't need to spend 45 minutes traveling to someplace to be alone--I wasn't feeling the best (physically) and I went to feel better, to be part of something social.

If Stitch n Pitch is supposed to be a group knitting event, well it fell short for me.


Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear your Stitch n' Pitch sucked! :( I felt so sad for you being alone. I hate being alone too. If I was there I would have sat next to you even if I didn't have a ticket for your section (and I probably would have been one of the uninformed ones who didn't get a goody bag or get to participate in the raffle also).

sulu-design said...

So sorry to hear you've been under the weather (me, too) and that the event was bust for you. At least you got to go to Shea again before it's torn down.
Please tell the ladies you do knit with that I say hello.

Angie said...

I saw you! I tried to get your attention but thought you were with a group of friends. Had I known, I would've asked you to sit by me. So few of my group showed it didn't seem to matter where anyone sat. I didn't find out until I left that I was sitting in the wrong area. There was nobody directing us to our seats. Everything seemed to just be thrown together and confused. The weather certainly didn't help. I think that had it been a nicer night, more people would've shown up and you would not have felt so alone.