Thursday, October 09, 2008


I’ve not been knitting much…
Partly because the Pink socks are boring me.

The yarn is nice, the pattern is OK, but I just don’t feel the love.

(I've stuck a bottle into one sock to open up the pattern and make it more evident)

They are twice the length they were last week.. but really, they should be finished already!

They're not because I’ve been cheating on them..

I tend to only work on the pink socks on my commute home (a scant 40 minutes or so on the subway).

At home, I’ve been knitting these socks—made from another Patons yarn.. the Kroy Sock (4 Ply) Jacquard in the summer moss color way.

With a simple lace pattern centered on the front and back (the lace continues right down into heel flap) –I’ve outpaced the pink socks.

The lace is being worked upside down--the lace pattern is designed for bottom up, not top down—but I like it better upside down. I think, upside down it sort of looks like snow drops—making these socks a spring fling.

I tend, with all knitting, to let it ripen.

Some knitters can’t wait to wear a newly finished object..
Me, I am the opposite. I like to keep my knit pristine an unworn for a few day, (weeks!, months!) before I wear them. I will finish these socks and put them away for the spring—I’ll pet them, and admire them—enjoy them in all sorts of ways (except wearing them!)
I keep them for some bright day(or perhaps some rainy day-- when I need cheering up!) in February or March!
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