Friday, October 03, 2008

Not Knitting Much…

So there is not much to blog about..

I could blog about politics—but then I would just get more aggravated than I am already am.
(It seems every election since I have been voting, has been a case ‘the lesser of 2 evils’-- One party has an abysmal choice, and the other, just an inferior one.)

Same goes for the financial mess.
Yes, something needs to be done, but why should I reward those that got us into this mess? (but doing nothing is only going to make it worse)
Why the bail out NOW, and the regulations LATER?—that’s backwards!

So onto more important things..

I am thinking about the sweaters I want to knit for grandchildren.. And haven’t found a pattern I like.. (For that matter, I am still not sure if I want to knit sweaters or cardigans—though I am leaning toward cardigans--Soon tho...)

In the meanwhile, I am slowing working on these socks—they are a variation of my Barley Sugar tube socks. In this case, each sock has a different spiral—(a minor PITA to do!)

The yarn is Patons Stretch Sock -- Cotton (31%)/Wool 39%)/Nylon (13%)/ Elastic (7%) blend. The white/pink/ black combo reminds me of Good ’n Plenty’s—and the jury is still out on whether these will be tube socks or heeled.

I started them a week ago, at the Stitch n Pitch, and made a mistake (that I missed until I was a dozen rows away.) I frog back and now am just about where I was Sunday.

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