Monday, October 27, 2008

Pill Poppin' Mama

Generally speaking, I don’t do drugs…

I tend to get by with out prescription (or non prescription drugs)

I was crazy, but got better (OK, better but not 100%!) with a ‘talking cure’.

I don’t have allergies (I lie—I do have some allergies—but they don’t cause serious reactions-and packages of Benadryl go bad before they get used up)

I’ve inhaled, in the past, but by and large, I am too cheap to spend money on recreational drugs… (I tend to factor in the cost of use, not just the cost of purchase—and dang—the USAGE cost can be expensive!)

Lately, I have become a pill poppin’ mama.

First, the multi-vitamin…a big name brand one and big is both literal and figuratively.
That multi vitamin is so big its hard to swallow!

But it doesn’t have enough Vitamin D or calcium
(It’s not just that I live in too far north—I hate to walk or sit or be in the sun.. (it bothers my eyes!) So I get little enough sunshine, and less of it on my skin)

And if you take calcium; well it just doesn’t make your bones hard…
So I take fiber.

Then, there is the Omega3 oils—and Omega 6, and some other number.
I eat fish, but not enough—not that anyone knows what enough is!

I take extra vitamin C too. Lots of small (60 to 250 mg) doses—because it’s more effective to take small doses every few hours, than 1 mega dose a day.

Finally, there are the ‘anti Aging factor’ pill that a friend convinced me to try.
Don’t know if I’ll stick with them.. they are way to expensive. (and I haven’t noticed a difference –half way through the months supply)

I do notice a difference when I forget to take my Vitamin C or Omega3—(my hair and skin loose luster—and I don’t feel as peppy.)

Lastly there is the daily dose—or frequent daily dose of an NSAID—Arthritis has been a companion for more than 30 years—a chronic condition, with acute attacks… (and lately, it seems I am always suffering somewhere. (today, its my thumbs.)

I look at the pile of pills, and I am always slightly amazed!

Mentally I feel like a teen--No better than that, I was unhappy most of my teen years--physically, well I recognize I have less energy--but I stay up latter, and rise earlier than I did when I was younger.. There are consequences to burning the candle at both ends!

But all these pills everyday--They make me feel old! (but I feel older when I don't take them!)


LizzieK8 said...

I compensate for the old pill taking feeling by reminding myself that only two of mine are prescription. I take the vitamins, Omega 3s, calcium (Tums), MSM, Glucosamine, and right now Sudafed and Tylenol for a sinus infection. My scrips are for thyroid (unavoidable) and cholesterol (which I'm still not convinced I need).

Too bad we can't get what we need from the food we eat....

gayle said...

If it makes you feel any better, you could think of the vitamins/supplements as food-in-another-form... Therefore, not pills at all!
Nothing wrong with a little self-delusion...