Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rhinebeck Goodies.

I window shopped more than really shopping..

It's wonderful to see everything (and to want most everything!)

The alpacas—were beautiful..But alpaca is such a warm fiber.. I just don't want that much warmth in clothing. I would I am sure if I lived a bit more to the north.. I go hatless most of the winter, but winter trips to Boston require hats. (and further north, I am sure, I too, would be knitting with alpaca.)

But some colors/fibers reached out and forced me to take them home.

First a fingerless glove and hat set.. (I know they just look like skeins of yarn now, but.. I see fingerless
gloves and a soft lacy hat!)

And some ruby red Linen.--a set of kitchen towels! (I have some black and some white linen to add some decorative details, but the towels will be mostly plain, (textured, but plain) and just a touch of contrast.

A bought a silk cap. too--I keep thinking about spinning—maybe with some silk to add to my wool, I will actually spin up some of the roving.

Two HiyaHiya size 00 needles found there way to home too.. I have straight and DPN's 00's, but I didn't have circ's. I don't knit much with 00's –but having a nice set of needles will be an incentive.. I think!

I also finally balled up the Peachy goodness from early this summer—That's a full 9 ounces!
Meanwhile, I trudge away on the pink tube socks.. I photographed them last week, with thoughts of posting about them.. and even that is dreary.--

And like all dreary projects, they seem to make no progress at all. They stubbornly remain 10 inches long.. and Really, i knit a few rounds every day!

I'll measure them again tomorrow, and if they have cooperated and gotten longer, I''ll take yet another photo, and post about them.

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madonnaearth said...

The peachy goodness is awesome!