Friday, October 24, 2008

Thinking about knitting

Yet another image of the one of the beautiful maples at Rhinebeck!

Are you a production knitter.. Do you knit to have sweaters or hats or socks for yourself for family?

Or are you a process knitter.. Do you knit to relax, or to learn new techniques, or to try out new yarns?
Or are you a bit of both?

I am MOSTLY a process knitter.

I love to knit--but I don’t wear sweaters much, or hats, or gloves or scarves.
I give them away, or store them—I keep them as samples (of my original designs, or as samples to show a technique, or…)

I would be more of process knitter than I already am –except for socks—I love hand knit socks, and they are one of the few items I knit for myself, and wear all the time!

I love thinking about knitting-and often mentally knit an item, working out the details in my head long before I pick up needles—Sometime with great results, but not always!

Have you ever thought about knitting? And what it means to you? Then you might enjoy some of the articles here.


gayle said...

I'm a process knitter - enjoying the journey more than the destination.
Except at Christmas, where I turn into a production knitter - trying to make as many handmade gifts as my little fingers can churn out.
Because, clearly, I am also a crazy knitter...

Marcy said...

I'm a process knitter when it's not for me. I'm a production knitter when it is for me. I almost always want to wear what I am making RIGHT NOW. But overall, much more process oriented.

madonnaearth said...

I'm beginning to think I'm a process knitter. I'd like to be a production knitter, but having few finished items (3?) compared to what feels like 100's of things I have frogged or in progress, I think that term doesn't apply.

Knitting that goes well does relax me though, as does knitting with my friends.