Thursday, November 27, 2008

Over the river, and through the woods

To grandmother house we go...

Well, not this grandmother! And besides, It's through the tunnel and Over the interstate (I-495!) to grandmother house we go.. that is, if anyone was coming to grandmothers house this year.

Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my son and DIL and grandchildren, but not this year.
(That's the bad new, the good news is: I don't have the time this year because I am working!)

I'm thinking of them, and while there are still ends to weave in on Miss B's sweater, I think I'll cast on Master C's sweater (as a way of thinking of him)--It's socially unacceptable to litter someone else's house with trimmed ends of wool!

My cheating heart socks are almost back to where they were before I frogged them, and much improved in design—workmanship, too.

And when no one was looking, I made this little baby hat for a friend who will soon have a need for it.

It's the Sweet Baby hat (a free pattern on Ravelry) –and is reminiscent of Elizabeth Zimmerman's 3 sided hat–(a blast from the past project.. No where near being my oldest FO, but one of the oldest I still own! (it's about 20 years old).

It works up fast, and requires just a single ball of sock yarn (or other fingering weight wool).

This yarn is Red Heart Heart & Sole sock yarn with Aloe—so it's pretty soft.
I used up the left over yarn from Miss B's ribbed knee socks--and worked in 3 solid stripes of garter stitch to add a bit of texture.. (I really just can't knit a pattern a written.. I must do something different!)

Hope your Thanksgiving is one of family and friends, and love and joy.

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