Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You Don't Need a Weatherman....

Rosa Sat
Martin Walked
Obama Ran
Our Children can learn to fly.

If McCain had run his campaign, as he the man he was last night at his concession speech, --and not as the GOP wanted (and he obviously acceded to) it would have been a much closer election.

The boo's (that he time and time again) tried to quiet, came from the mean-spirited part of the GOP--they distracted --and clearly saddened Mr. McCain as much, or more than loss of the election.

No matter what your politics, it is an honor to live at time, and be part of the electorate that made this monumental change.


Patti Blaine said...

If he'd gone against the GOP's wishes, he had a scarily good chance of winning this thing. Is it schadenfreude I feel at the unmaking of the man? That this revealed his true moral center and undid any artifice he'd constructed around it, even to his own dismay, saddens me, but that it helped Obama win this more decisively than he otherwise could have... in my opinion anyway... makes me very happy.

LICraftgal said...

Yes we are witnessing history here. But I think both sides did not behave their best in this campaign.

sulu-design said...

Amen! Barry and I were both commenting on what a thoughtful concession speech McCain gave last night. He was totally the McCain we thought we knew (back when I thought that even if he won, things wouldn't be horribly bad because at least he was a decent guy). So sad to see what the political machine did to the man.
Yay Obama! Yay America!

teabird said...

I think we saw a glimpse of the honorable McCain, the McCain we knew in 2000, when he told that woman "he is not an Arab." His face, as he turned away, was both disgusted and weary. He know then that the artifice of his horrible campaign had doomed him.