Saturday, December 13, 2008

Almost done! (with another one)

My fingers flew, and loved every minute.

Tonight I’ll finish up the armhole bands, weave in the last thread or two, and it will be 100% done.

It looks so small compared to the sweater—but looks are deceiving.
1—It is smaller—it’s designed to have negative ease
2—the sweater is over-sized..
It’s the kind of sweater you can
easily pull your arms out of the sleeves, and cuddly yourself inside.
3—It's knit in a 2 X 1 ribbing.. and while it looks to be just 10 inches wide (on one side-it is!) it stretches to over 15 (going from about 20 inches to about 30 inches!)

Details, details...
Yet another cast on was employed, (forward and reverse, --see a two color example here)
It was knit in the round.

I never bother making any special effort for a jogless join.. I did make a point of ending each round with a purl, and the jog is mostly hidden in the recessed purl.

(That I dropped a stitch, and didn’t notice for a half dozen rounds results in the stitches in the last rib, being a bit wonky too—at least in places)

Tubular bind off--cause well, anything that hangs around your face should be pretty. (the armholes will get a tubular bind off too.

No pattern.. just a cast on (160 stitches) ribbed for 5 inches (white)
Ribbed for 3 inches color,
then divided for the front and back<>

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