Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you interested learning Cast on’s?

I would like to teach a class on cast on’s--and may have an opportunity.

In fact, if there is enough interest, I might have 2 classes—one in Manhattan, and one in western Suffolk County(LI).

If you are intererested, could you send me an email?
Send it to TroysGoldenApplesATgmailDOTcom—subbing an @ sign and . for the AT and DOT.

Also, if you could also answer these questions, (and add comments, too) it would help me a lot!

How many cast on’s would you like to learn?

What types of cast on’s would you like to learn? (or what particular cast on?)

How long should the class be?
A—1 and half hours
B—2 hours
C—4 hour work shop with a half hour break (4.5 hours start to finish)

When is the best time?


Would you prefer:
booklet, work sheet type hand outs,
or a CD hand out (with text you can print, and links to on-line resources)

How much would you be willing to spend?
about $25 an hour (2 hour class, $50, 4 hour work shop, $100?)
More (a little)
More (a good bit for a smaller class and more personal attention)

How big or small should the class be?
Under 10?
10 to 15?
15 to 25?

Would you be willing to pay more for a smaller (under 10) class? 

Are you in the NYC/LI area?

Any other thoughts or comments?

(if you are not really in the running (ie, you are in Califoria!) please feel free to email or comment--just be sure to let me know --i won't bother you with mailings about any classes i schedule!)

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Marcy said...

You can't stop in Colorado? There are some cast ons that it's very hard to decipher from Montse Stanley's diagrams!