Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby, its cold outside!

People who know me, know, I haven’t owned a winter coat for that past few years.

It’s not poverty—it’s a choice.
For the most part, I don’t think it gets cold enough to require a winter coat. –I have several polar fleece jackets (short one, long ones) and several knit wool jackets (not hand knits..but machine made, store bought ones) and again, I have some short ones (past the waist, but not past the hip, and some long ones (past the hips)

Once it goes below freezing, I often, but not always, wear a hat and gloves.
My gloves got a work out over the weekend.. snow and ice—and shoveling off (and out) my car (which is always parked on the street) required gloves--especially because it was either snowing or there was freezing rain. 

OK—it’s been cold enough for the past few days (to require a coat)
Temp’s have been hitting HIGH’s of 19° F—or about -5°c— and it’s been even colder at night.

The real problem hasn’t been the cold, it’s been the wind.
10 to 20 mph sustained winds, with gusts up to 40mph—they are just nasty!

It’s too bad there is all this bad weather this week…(and really in NYC this is exceptional—usually its just coldish (close to freezing during the day, just below freezing at night) –because Boyfriend (daughter's boyfriend, that is) is going to be getting a really warm hat, NEXT week.

It’s a double knit one, with a deep fold back cuff (just finished) .

Eventually I’ll do some pattern work on the top--nothing to fancy.—just something to inter lock the layers.

Daughter looks at the blog—occasionaly--but I seriously doubt he does--ever.
And she won’t tell.. so you can see the progress!

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April Dawn said...

Yay for purple and gold! Those were my school colors! And I totally get what you mean about hats (and things I WANT TO KNIT!) for friends, etc. Once someone ASKS me to knit FOR THEM I don't want to do it. My stepMIL's mother found out I knitted up some potholders for my stepMIL, it was a project I initiated and wanted to do. So MIL's mother then requested some for herself. She did buy the yarn. I made about 2 of the 4 I promised her. That was a year ago. I've misplaced the rest of the yarn since. :X