Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Count Down is ON

The sleeves have been joined to the front and back and the front has been split for the placard.

Yes, the back looks longer than the front—and it is—I've already added the short rows that make knit this type of sweater fit better.

And Yes, it is slightly insane knitting, with 5 balls of yarn at work—2 for the front, 2 for the sleeves, and 1 more for the back—and in a round or two, it will get crazier still when I add 2 more balls of yarn to knit some stripes to the sleeves.

But I am liking how it looks, and like each row better—since each row is shorter!

I am, also (deservedly so, I think) in inordinately proud of what is not there.
Can you see what is missing?
The change in gauge!

The transition from knitting in the round to knitting flat is often marked by a change is gauge.

Most knitters purl ever so,(or marked so, or some where in between) a little looser than they knit. And changing from an all knit fabric (round) to a knit and purl fabric can be conspicuous—at least before blocking.

It used to be noticeable in my knitting too, but--I'm on my way to Carnegie Hall--
Old NY joke--Man get's in a cab, and ask the driver "Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?"
The Cabbie says "Sure! Practice, practice, practice" (and picks up a violin and bow off off the front seat)

The Mast socks haven't seen too much progress. I am past the point where I frogged them. And actually beginning to think about heel styling and shaping..
The front of the sock is worked in a lace stitch..
Can you see the design? Does the name make any sort of sense (yet)?
Are you wonder what the i-cord is for? (and the small ball of orange yarn?)

No matter! It makes sense to me!

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