Sunday, December 07, 2008

Details, Details

It's not finished.
But it's looking like a sweater.

There are still untold tails to weave in.. (a nice detail of the stripe on the shoulder is 3 rows of contrast, 4 rows of main color (the dark teal), and seams (under the arm) to sew up. Not to mention the plackard and neckband to knit!

It really looks nice.. it has the right balance of color.
It has tails!

Knit in the round, odd numbers in rows are fine—but intarsia is a pain.
Knit flat, the intarsia (sleeves) are snap—but 3 rows of color.. a drag!

I am toying with the placket and neck band.
At this point. The plan is to knit them as one, with mitered corners. And a tubular cast off --in brown.

But today, as I head out to West Babylon and join my friends there, the plan is to weave and seam (the underarms) and then later this week, finish up the neck edge.

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