Saturday, December 27, 2008

A double knit hat for the boyfriend.

Not mine, but my daughters boyfriend.
He’s a graduate of SUNY Albany, --and goes to school alumni functions (something I don’t do, my ex-husband never did, and my son doesn’t do..)

So a hat in school colors will be worn a few times a year –stash yarn, and no real pattern, just some stripes and chevrons…the sort of thing I can almost knit in my sleep –but not quite—and its just enough of a gift.

I started the chevron pattern at night—and was reminded, that I can’t count to eight, eight times in a row after sun set. (I am most definitely a morning person!)

I was 3 rounds into the chevron before I realized one group of 8 was really a group of 7, and other group of 8 was a group of 9.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with double knitting.. you can read my eight part tutorial all about it. (see the list of links at end of the post)
I don’t have any project patterns—unless you consider the over sized swatches that I call pot holders.

But I do have several stitch patterns.(not the chevron)
Once you get double knitting, its not hard to use any charted or written out pattern –somethings, (lace and cables) are a Major PITA—but who needs cables or lace with color work?
And double knitting color work is much easier than almost any other kind of color work.

There is a double knitting group on Ravelry, and several free patterns for hats, scarves and other items—should you want. (there are plenty of patterns for sale, too.

The lack of patterns (even with Ravelry, there just aren’t that many) and the somewhat rarity of double knitting has interesting repercussions.

Every knitter who want to double knit, find a just a little info.. and works out many of the details for them selves.

So there are lots of idea on how to cast on.. (I listed 3 in my tutorial, but since Ravelry, I ‘learned’ a dozen more ideas (most double knit cast ons are just modified versions of conventional cast on’s.

Like my hat..First I tried something I thought would work… I tied 2 yarns together, and then used Judy’s magic cast on.
After the cast, I held both circ’s in one hand, and tried to work 1 stitch from front needle (in color A) and one stitch from back needle (color B)

It can be done.. but UGH!

I undid it, and then did an “Italian cast on” using both colors of yarn (as I do in my YouTube Video) –but after the cast, I continued to work with both yarns.

Very easy!
A nice neat edge—with plenty of stretch.
Knitting in the round, I didn’t have to think about selvage edges.. but likewise, there are many ideas for selvages on Ravelry, too.

It seems every one who has learned double knitting has worked out method for neat edges.

Its fun to learn all these tricks—some work better than others,but all have there uses.

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You knit the most beautiful hats, Helen.