Monday, December 22, 2008

Fichu? I hardly know you!

A fichu (fee choo) an article of clothing...

It's what I have been knitting... and finished last night.

But is a secret project... so all you are going to get is this blurry image.  If you are a Raveler, you can check out the details  here. And  see the whole finished project!

I am working on another semi secret project--something for my daughters boyfriend--Oh the knitting I've done for all of them, over the years. 

Nothing much.. just a double knit hat, in his school colors (he went to SUNY Albany) lucky for me, I had some Paton's Classic Merino in Old Gold and Royal Purple--One boyfriend once askes for socks--I said sure.. Once you are a son-in-law.  (That never happened)  Boyfriends live in the world of knit hats (and THINGS I WANT TO KNIT (but no one in the family wants)  

I've already knit an inch.. (since 9PM or so last night.) Hats, even double knit hats, are fast work!

(I was going to write about  the Fichu last week, while it was still on the needles.. but hardware, software (and lets be honest, USER) problems all conspired to prevent that from happening!)

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