Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not quite a pair, and not quite finished

I am not big on cutesy.  Cute is Ok once in a while, but cutesy, or twee, or what ever you call it, just isn't for me.

These are paired sweaters, clearly.  They share the same yarn, in the same colors.

They both are raglan sleeved, and both feature stripes.. 
But they are clearly siblings, (and for siblings!  But not a cutesy pair. 

 Miss B is going to get a ribbed snug fitting vest, too, because you are never too young for a sweater set.
--and some finger gloves that co-ordinate (they don't really match--the brown is lighter, the aqua is a fuzzy angora blend), too.

I've started the vest--4 inches of so of ribbing--they whole thing will be ribbed (2 X 1 ribbing) and narrow, single row stripes. (Many fewer ends to weave in.. all the yarns will be carried, not cut!) deep armholes, and a deep U shaped neck

The sweater is loose, with deep arm holes.. the kind of sweater that you can easily pull your arms out of the sleeves and  into the body --the vest will be snug fitting..  One style or the other is bound to be liked. 

Master C might end up with some brown mittens too--or modified mittens.. (a thumb, an index finger, and mittens for the rest of the fingers.)

Miss C's sweater still needs some buttons-and a good blocking, but last night all the ends were finished--finally!

Now, the hope is that they are liked.  Kids can be so picky!

Miss B was recently seen in a sweater that is several (5 or so!) years old.. it barely fit.. I doubt it could be buttoned, and the sleeves were no longer long, (they ended at the elbow!) but I am guessing Mother said "It's a bit chilly, but on a sweater" and left Miss C to her own choice.

I am happy that she chose something I knit for her... maybe the next sweater I knit for her will be an other (larger) version of the same sweater.  and maybe she'll wear it.. or mayb not!

Tonight, or maybe not, I'll get to work on the buttons--

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Melissa said...

Very cute! I particularly like Master C's sweater.