Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not Yet a Sweater

But quickly approaching that point.

The body is over 6 inches long, (and a size 3 is just 12 inches from neck to waist) so we are almost half way done with the body.

A few more inches, and the sleeves will be joined, and the raglan shaping started.

This is only my second bottom up raglan, and I like it.

The sleeves—to me the most tedious part—get knit first.

And the top yoke is all decreases—as you near the end, each row has fewer stitches to work—really when you think about it—its perfect!

The cuffs have a tubular cast on. The body, a long tail variation with a double tail—it makes a sturdy, firm but stretch edge.

The neck line will be a tubular bind off, since I really like that detail on a neck edge.

And the neck edge will be white, not brown.

My subway knitting is my Mast socks--and my plan yesterday was to work on weaving in the remaining tail of Miss B's sweater... but like many a plan, it went awry. Oh well.

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