Friday, December 26, 2008

On the Feast of Stephen...

Is there anything more wonderful then finding a soft brown package in the mail? 
Especially when the brown package is an unexpected and delightful gift of beautiful yarn? Yes.

The yarn is beautiful—5 skeins (each 90 meters) of thick soft wool, in deep rich red--complete with the wool mark

Plus 3 skeins of Mohair, in summer sky blue, and 1 more in the softest of lilacs.
Each skein is only 25 grams, but the mohair is soft and fine.. Not quite as soft as Rowans kid mohair, but a very close second. (The lilac yarn is 100% (something!), the sky blue, a 70%/30% blend of something--the something is in Japanese, and my kongi is.. well lacking! 
One of my Ravelry (and real life) friends spend time in Japan, perhaps she'll be able to identify/read the labels.

But as beautiful as the yarn is, it is the warm wish from sister with whom relations had become chilled that make this package even more wonderful.

The spiritual warmth is more wonderful that the physical warmth the wools will bring. 

The some of the yarn will be knit up, and returned… 

It’s only fitting. She has warmed my heart, I will warm her,  too… (likely her neck and hands with a soft neck warmer and some fingerless gloves, made from the dark red chunky wool.

(Note--this lovely surprise arrived before Christmas, but hardware (and software) problems prevented me from posting on the 24th of December)

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teabird said...

Lovely! Part of the pleasure will, indeed, be in making something for your sister.