Monday, December 01, 2008

Strictly Speaking,

Miss B's sweater isn't finished. There are still ends to be woven in, buttons to make and sew on.

But Master C's is started-- 9 and half inches of sleeves, (11.5 actually –when the cuffs are unfolded)--complete with a tubular cast on for the sleeve.

Yesterday, I cast on for the body. It will also have dark brown ribbing, but the light tan brown for the body-- a style not uncommon for sports shirts with dark sleeves and contrasting color body.

The top yoke will be a raglan sleeve, with simple stripes, and a henlee type front opening—I know I hate things tight (or even loose!) around my neck, and judging from photo's, my grandchildren agree. They are always runny about with jackets or sweaters undone (or half off)--the are healthy. Their parents are pretty good at finding a compromise between indifference and hovering—DIL lays down the lay—Jackets on! But doesn't fight about buttoning them up.

I think an open neckline is a good choice. Beside its easier to pull on and off--an important style factor for clothing for 3 year olds.

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|chee-uh| said...

I like how you call them Master C and Miss B. Cute.