Friday, January 30, 2009

Mea culpa

I’ve hardly knit anything since Tuesday. (I’ve been reading!)--so I'v had nothing much to report.

I’m making an I-cord frou-frou for the top of the gold/purple/ white chullo style hat.  3 I-cords finish up the stitches from the crown shaping, 16 more are part of the crown–or rather, when finished 16 more I-cords will finish the crown.

Only 6 of these have been knit, plus there is an i-cord or braid needed for the edge, (which is curling slightly) and for the ties.

I thought I lost the size 8 circ I had been using--but found it this morning when I photographed the hat I received on Tuesday-and I was's one of my newer Susan Bates Velocities.. a very nice circ! (my annoyance at myself for losing the neede was part of the reason I haven't been knitting. )

I have started to frog Red/white/blue and re knit..This time, red ribbing, then white and red stripes, finished with a blue crown that will be decorated with a white felt 5 pointed star.

The red white and blue yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease, so the star will be made from cheap white poly felt, not real wool felt.As for other  hats, 5 more hats arrived on Tuesday.
2 from Kim--Both squared away ribbed watch caps--the Black Cascade 220, the green a super wash wool.1 from Alexis--Her hat intragrates the group--it is crocheted, not knitted!

1 from Colette--feather and fan in a pretty golden brown tweed.

Another 1 from Carolyn.. this one, too, was not knit by her.. but given to her for donation.  It's pretty, isn't it?

Carolyn was just a few rows away from completing a Brown hat, and has another hat from Hat Attack to donate.  
(but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch!  so these hats (that I know I will recieve,  aren't part of the count--Yet!)

Mai has a hat on the way, (her 4th!) and so does Robyn.
Once I finish hat 12 and 13—and collect the others, we’ll be at 50----5/8th of the way there--past the 1/2 way point..but still work to do!

Slowly but surely, the 84 hats needed are accumulating!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ok, knitting hats is getting old

I started this hat Thursday last, and will likely finish it today (5 days later!)

It's made from 3 left over skeins of yarn--all Patons Classic Wool Merino.  

And really, I am not looking forward to hat 13.

So far, I only have a total of 40 hats (and enrollment crept up over the holidays, and the new total needed is 84)

So I find myself in the position of encouraging others to do what I am sick of—Namely KNIT HATS!--

I console myself with the knowledge that my contribution is a good 15% of the total needed--I am doing my part! But a also know, I am ready to part ways with hats right now!

It’s cold out (not as cold as the Midwest, nor as snowbound) but 10° or so below average –and the hats are needed--but I want my fingerless gloves.. (I get cold too!)

I am so sick of knitting hats, that I am even dreaming about knitting a scarf.. (and I hate knitting scarves!) but the ‘string of pearls scarf from Knitting New Scarves calls out to me—wouldn’t it look pretty in Paton’s Bamboo? .

And there is spinning to work on…

Over a year ago, I HELPED my DIL (KnitSonya) out by offering to store her wheel.. (and um, keep all the moving parts lubricated and smooth running..)

I’ve spun nothing.. (well not enough to knit a hat!)—and the 40 lb bag of raw fleece
that’s been sitting on my terrace? Well.. um.. well, I—really I am going to clean it, and card it, and spin it.. 
Really! (there is really a tooth fairy isn’t there? and fairy godmothers that spin straw into gold? and well.. um.. these fleeces have lots of vegetable matter--does that count as straw?)

In the meanwhile Lisa (aka the Tsock Tsarina and soon to be the Tspinsterish Tsock Tsarina!) has espinnerated just about everyone in the West Babylon KNITTING group—and is working hard on making the entire east coast of US into spinners.

(That a lie)--What do I mean the EAST COAST? —She is going national, going global. (that's the truth!  And when we get a colony on Mars, I have no doubt  Lisa will have them spinning, too. (and me.. well I like the idea of spinning...)

Ever the optimist, I have spun out the idea (spinning out idea?Now that is spinning that I can do!) to Robyn Love to turn her spinning on the subway project into a NYC Subway Spin fest…and have committed to spin in public (I guess I should learn to use a drop spindle soon, huh?) 

--of course if you are interested in learning to spin, she'll be giving out free (CD spindles) and fleece, as well as lessons.. detail on her blog!-for the price of a subway ride, you can learn to spin!

We have Knit in Public days, why not Springtime Subway Spinning Sessions.. (how that for alliterations?!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Work, Knit, Blog, Document

That pretty much defines my existence these days.

Hat 11 was posted today on Ravelry(and can be seen below!)  Hat 12 is on needles...

I still have 2 more hats from the West Babylon Panera group to feature.

This hat (red/black and grey was knit by.... (augh!) I've forgotten—I think this one is from Amy—but if I am wrong—someone correct me!

And this one, the soft grey watch cap, is from Melanie—akaTeaBirdon Ravelry.

Hat 11 is knit from left over Patons Classic Merino (aran tweed) from the Helmet hat, with some more Patons Classic Merino in denim blue.

The pattern is one of my own, (but not available, free or otherwise) –called Syncopated Rhythm—its an interesting hat to knit—once you learn the rhythm of the stitch pattern.

It has a huge pompom—not many of the hats have pompoms or tassels. but I think this cabled hat really needs a pompom.

Yesterday, as I was knitting it on the subway, a 7 year old boy , Frankie, saw the work in progress and though it was beautiful.
I hope other boys feel the same.

In addition to knitting, I’m setting up a DB with info on the hats, (who knit, fiber and care-in both English and Spanish) to make labels for all the hats.

I have a dozen entries, but I need to get cracking!

(and the red, white and blue? to the frog pile.. Lion Brand no longer makes that shade of blue in Wool Ease—so I’ll have to re-think the whole thing!)

I might be forced to knit MORE than 13 hats.. Oh dear!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What an Effort..

Look out –photo heavy post-- Here are the super star's of hat knitting...
First, Liz—of the West Babylon Panera group— not 1, not 2..

 But 5 beautiful hats..
Blogger is unhappy about showing all of them...

Tuesday internet traffic was overwhelming.. but even today its not being co-operative.. so here are just 3 of the 5--the missing 2 are very similar--in color and style to the 2 blue and grey ones shown.

And then Barbara V (BrooklynKnitNerd on Ravelry)a KNITTING MACHINE—with 7 hats…here are just 4 of them.

And remember my proposed Red, white and blue hat?

Hmm.  Most of the hats I have been knitting have been from left over skeins.

I had LOTS of left over yarn from my double knit vest (Lion Brand Wool Ease)
I buy the odd skein of two--Balls in clearance bins, bandless ball
Yarns that  I recognize—in the bargain bin, or slightly damaged, knotted or tangled ball of yarn always manage to find a home with me— 
So I had a good deal (but not a complete skein) of Blue, and some red (almost as much) and some white (the smallest left over of the three) < style="font-weight:bold;">

1—continue, but use a different blue (navy or a lighter, baby blue)
---I have rejected this! 
2—Frog, and come up with a different design.
---this is being considered
3---Buy some more blue.. so long as it is close, a different dye lot would work)
--Listed last, this is actually my first choice.

It does sort of defeat the purpose of “using up stash”—but I am liking this pattern, and will hit ACMoore and Michaels tonight (in Queens) and if they don’t have, the ACMoore and Michaels in Westbury tomorrow.

I still have gold and a small bit of pale yellow, a bit more of bright yellow, some red, some green, wheat, black, and some heathers in rose, and in a purple –and a small bit of grey. 
I have yarn enough to start hat 12, even as buy some yarn to complete hat 11… 

(12 Hats!—a Dozen, 15% of the total needed.. but it’s not enough! I don’t think I’ll stop till have a bakers dozen. and maybe not even then.) 

I still haven’t even started some of the hats I’ve thought about knitting! 
I have been low key about asking friends –but I will put the screws to them.
As of now I have 37 hat in hand, (plus more promised—not quite half of what is needed.) I hat hoped to have them all by tomorrow-- but it seems I will need a week or more to let others finish up. There is still plenty of winter left in February.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hats are Happening!

More images  than I can reasonable post at once—so they are being spread out over 2 days
(all the links in this post are to Ravelry home pages—if you aren’t part of Ravelry, you won’t be able to open any of them)

Today and tomorrow, hat from the ladies (and gentleman!) of the West Babylon/Panera group—(we haven’t agreed on a name, but we meet each Sunday afternoon at the Panera’s in some mall (it has a name…)in West Babylon --on the Montauk Highway (aka Main Street)
(actually we have 2 guys, but we haven’t seen Lars for a while now—I swear he only comes in to show off FO’s –but goodness gracious, his FO’s are beautiful)) 

First (cause he is the newest knitter), Adam’s  Lime green swirl hat.. (a EZ pattern, or if not, a EZ derived patterns)

Ryan is almost as new a knitter—but you wouldn’t know it looking her blue circles in cirles fair isle hat!

Kelly is a long time crocheter, and a somewhat newish knitter--and she contributed 2 hats.
A black and white beanie, and a red Squared Away Ribbed Watch Cap.
Amy, 2 more,

And her mom, Renee, another 2

Tomorrow, more images of the hats from this group, and Wednesday, the more hats from the Knit LIC group. 

And–almost done, (3 stitches to graft (bind off)) is Hat number 9—a cotton and acrylic blend—it’s a Toe Cap. (Yes, I did start at the top, and yes, the shaping is based on the standard increases for toe of sock.

Mostly stocking knit, with seed stitch band, and seed stitch I-cord bind off—a simple snug fitting cap. (you can see the blueish stitch holder in the right image (holding the last 3 stitches of the I-cord.))

Today, I am making pompoms—and casting on for hat 10!
(Red, White and Blue!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Da Bronx Hat

This pattern is copyrighted, by Helen Griffin, 2009. All rights are reserved--save this: You may use this pattern for personal use and to knit hat to be donated for charities. The pattern may not be reproduced in anyway, even for distribution to organizations involved in knitting for charity.
Da Bronx Hat
(and the Black Ice & Snow variant)

A close fitted hat, (can be sized or adjusted for finer (sports) or heavier (aran)weight yarns), or for smaller or larger sizes.

Materials: about 200 yards of yarn
(about 100 of each color)—samples worked in worsted weight.

Da Bronx is worked inWhite (Patons classic merino/winter white and Navy)
Black Ice is worked inSolid Black and White (Aran) tweed--the sample hat, in with Lion Brand WoolEase.

Needle: 7(4.5
mm) needles (circular or DPN’s or both)

Gauge: (in stocking knit-18 stitches =4 inches/10mm)

Gauge is not critical-- if you know you are a
loose knitter, make the smaller (80 stitch hat) –or use size 6
needles. If you are at tight knitter, use size 8 needles or make larger (112) hat.

I use the Open/closed cast on for Da Bronx, (see it here: (Video link) —but any 2 yarn, stretchy cast on is suitable—such as long tail or Norwegian long tail.

The same cast on was used for Black Ice, but in solid black, not two toned.

Detail of 2 toned Open/Closed cast on.

Cut a tail of color A(white) about 3 yarns long.
Fold A in half, and tie the 2 ends together with B.
Make a loop, (simple twist, or slip knot, then cast on, use A for thumb, and B for index finger.)
Continue, with a double stranded, Open/close cast on.

Cast on 96 (80/112) Join into round, being careful not to twist, begin ribbing.

R1: K2, P2.

Repeat round 1 until you have 2 of ribbing.

Change Pattern—Da Bronx

R1: pick up CC (color A) and K3, then P1 in MC (navy) repeat (for Round/R)

(Change pattern –Black Ice & Snow)

R1: Pick up CC (color A) and K4, then in MC, P2 repeat (for Round/R)

Repeat R1 until hat measures (from CAST ON) 6 inches.(up to 7 inches for an extra deep hat)

Change pattern crown shaping—Da Bronx: ( below for Black Ice)

(change to DPN’s if desired when needed)

R1: K2tog, K1, ( color A) P1,(color B)—repeat across R, (72 stitches at end of R)

Next 3 R, K2, P1 in color pattern

R5: SSK, (color A) P1 (color B) repeat across R (48 stitches at end of R)

R6: K1, (color A) K1 color B (repeat across R)

R7: K1, (color A) P1, color B (repeat across R)

R8: K1, (color A) K1 color B (repeat across R)

R9: Using color B, K2tog (repeat across R) (24 stitches at the end of R)

Cut/break color A,(leave a tail long enough to comfortable weave in) continue decreases in color B

R10: Knit every stitch

R11: K2tog, (every stitch)—12 stitches at the end of R

R12: Knit every stitch

R13: K2tog (every stitch) 6 stitches at end of R

Cut yarn (leaving 12 inch or so tail) thread tail onto tapestry needle and bind off drawstring style bring tail to inside of hat, knot, then weave in tail (trim excess tail)

Finish: weave in all yarn tail, Add pompom if desired


Change Pattern/Crown shaping--Black Ice:

(change to DPN’s if desired when needed)

R1: K2tog, K2, (color A) P2, Repeat across R, (80 stitches at end of R)

R2: K3 (color A) P2, color B, ) repeat across R,

R3: Repeat R 2

R4: K1,SSK, (color A) P2, (color B) repeat across R, (64 stitches at end of R)

R5: K2, (color A) P2 (color B)

R6: repeat R 5

R7: K2, (color A), P2tog, (color B) repeat across R, (48 stitches at end of R)

R8 K2, K2, (color A) P1 (color B), ) repeat across R

R9: Repeat R 8

R10: K2tog, (color A), P1, (color B) ) repeat across R, (32 stitches at end of R)

R11: K1, (color A) K1 (color B) repeat across R

R12: K1, (color A) P1 (color B) repeat across R

Break/cut color A (leave a tail long enough to comfortable weave in) continue decreases
in color B

R13: Using ONLY color B, K2tog, across row, (16 stitches at end of R)

R14: Knit all stitches

R15: K2tog, across row, (8 stitches at end of R)

R16: K2tog, across row, (4 stitches at end of R)

Cut yarn (leaving 12 inch or so tail)thread tail onto tapestry needle and bind off drawstring stylebring tail to inside of hat, knot, then weave in tail (trim excess tail)

Finish: weave in all yarn tail, Add pompom if desired

Both of these hats work well with other color combinations.

This sample of the Da Bronx hat was knit using Lamb's Pride in Dusty Rose and Black combination by Mia.(link to her Ravelry page)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you bored with hats?

I am not!

I am finding it fun to be creative –(no two hats the same) and still limited. (No wild and outrageous hats)
I think that, if like me, you have a choice of hats (dozens!) its great to wear a wild and 
outrageou s hat—every day if you want!Its a choice.
But if you only have 1 hat to chose from, its better to have something more conventional.
Not styleless--but not style setting.

The hooded hat is 25 or so short rows away from completion.. (and needs a good blocking.. being stuffed into a project bag for a few years didn’t do anything good for it!)—The “head’ I model it on.. (that I model almost all my hats on!)is small (about 19inches) It makes the hood look very big. (its snug on my 23 inch head!)making it a nice medium.
(there are front, side and back views..the neck/shoulder perplum is quite wrinkled)

I’ve already cast on some stitches and worked some ribbing for Hat 9.
It’s poised, waiting for something to happen..

Will it be color work? It could be...
Will it be cables? Haven’t done anything cabled so far
Will it be something unusual like entralac? (I doubt it!) 

For those of you NOT on Ravelry, above are Mia’s and Melissa’s hat, too.

The plain navy watch cap is Melissa’s, the other three are from Mia.
(Borough of dreams, Sandra Dee, and an unnamed green and grey watch cap.)

When I am finished with these children’s hats--I have more hats to knit!

Last year the West Babylon group (a no name group!) knitters knit hats for St Baldwin’s (a charity group for children with cancer) –and I want to have a hat or two handy for them (not needed till March)

And I want work up some new hats for my personal pleasure.
Some unconventional hats... in bright colors, with fun details.. A sunny yellow hat.. and a color work one.. and…

(I’ve gone on these hat knitting binges before.. and will again.)

I need to knit some vests too.

I don’t much like sweaters (or any bulk on my arms) but when its cold, I like a nice vest.. I have the yarn—and I need to do something to reduce my stash!—I think I’ll start with the black and red vest I started some 3 years ago!—and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.. Finish a WIP, and get something new to wear!

But I also have some green wool, and some think and thin multi colored wool (blue, greens, and purple…) and I want a hot pink lace vest.. (I had one, made in cheap acrylic, and it got over dried one wash cycle) and ..
Well you get the picture!

I actually wore a hat today—my tri-colored Linen stitch hat (aka Cardinal Woolsy hat since its was inspired by an image of the Cardinal wearing a hat of similar style and shape (if not color!) –It's my go to hat for cold weather since it matches my fingerless gloves.

I brought glove and fingerless gloves too, but I didn’t put them on--I would have if my hands felt cold--but it just didn’t feel cold enough for

It’s a balmy 18°, and snowing (lightly)—(that's about 20° below average/and about -8°C)–but compared to the mid west, where it is -18 (aka -30°c) or almost cold enough to be using the Kelvin scale, it is balmy in NY!

But cold not withstanding, I didn’t button up the top button of my jacket, or put on a scarf, either.

I really like the cold—always have.
But it’s more than cold enough. I am quite happy with highs of 38, and lows of 27 (about normal for this time of year) and won’t be unhappy when it warms back up to normal!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No New Hat and No Photos

That’s the bad news. (There are lots of LINKs to photos—but it’s not quite the same thing, is it?)

The good news is: 3(and one more to come) hat’s from Mia.. (you can see 2 of them on Ravelry here) Borough of dreams and Sandra Dee (the other hat never made it to Ravelry—the 4th is still on needles) are beautiful.

Plus another one from Melissa—(And the left over Lion Brand Yarn came to me—a scrap—but Its enough to mix with my left over red and half skein of white to make a red, white and blue hat!) Amazingly, this is her first ever knit hat!

Tomorrow, Barbara will hand over some—I am meeting her hat the Jamba Juice promotion—part of which is an all day knitifi (think graffiti—only knitted) at Time Warner Center—(I will stop and see my DD, too since she works in that building!)

I'll post photo’s of her hats here, (and forward copies of the photo's to her since she doesn’t yet have any photo’s posted on Ravelry--She can post them there!)

The crowd at Panera’s has handfuls of hats—but I missed getting there last Sunday.
These 4 are from Liz—and this is her photo of them.

Even more good news is I found my new and rather expensive Clover Pom Pom maker--(still haven’t made the pompoms; but, well Rome wasn’t built in day!)

And that is not the end of the good news: I also found a WIP—(can you guess what it was?) YES a 75% completed hat--(OK, so it’s a hood not a hat, but it will work!)

(This WIP was on a needle –so soon I’ll have another size 8 circ (and not just a envelop indicating I have one somewhere!)

So I’ll turn a WIP into a FO, and get back a circular needle as a bonus.

The other bad news is the economy.
But as it turns out, it’s good new for me!

My temp job was to have ended “in January” (never clear if it was January 1st or January 31st—Well at this point.. it is ending “sometime”. It’s extremely unlikely it will be January 31st—and it might be the end of February, or perhaps March. Who knows? Every day I am working is a bonus.

The other bad news is the weather. It’s actually cold in NYC (and it saddens me that we don’t have 80 hat today, to hand out today!) with talk about snow, and even colder temperatures to come.

The good new is (for NYC) we, unlike the Midwest don’t have this cold PLUS a mountain of snow—and we are only expecting a dusting to about 3 inches…(nothing compared to Michican and Wisconson!)

So it’s mostly its good news—and by tomorrow, more good news… and photos! 
NOTE: most of the link on this post are to Ravelry--if you aren't member yet, Why not?--and won't work if you aren't a member.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traffic Stopper…(aka hat number 7)

Is done.
I like it… but the jury is still out on the double knit brioche rib.
It’s a very unforgiving knitting… Impossible to frog and difficult just to tink!

The top of the hat is less than successful—Partly because
1—I was working with out a pattern

2—I didn’t fully understand the nature of the decreases, and how to best work with them.
Next time (if there is a next time) I’ll do a lot better.

That’s the nature of learning.
The decreases aren’t really hard—and not half so hard as they sound:
Slip a K stitch (and it’s yarn over) to right needle, Knit together:a Knit (and its yarn over) and a purl. Then pass Knit and YO over the knit stitch.

It’s a double decrease—(a column of Knit(s) and a column of purl(s) are decreased.—this leaves the K1/P1 pattern intact.

The best decrease pattern for a crown of hat would have been shaped something like stacked chevrons –Instead of the attempt made at a swirl arm spiral –and starting with the right number--for the stacked chevrons would have helped too!

The Big Book of Knitting helped, but I really should have planned better.
Of course since this is my first project… Catch 22!

So what’s next.. Hmm… You’ll have to wait and see!

PS. Robyn (weeballyarns on Ravelry) has kindly offered a few skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick (remnants from the Giant Pencil in the Sky) –gold, black or white—If you want to make hat, and have an idea.. contact me, (or her) and some arrangement can be made.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This Post is NOT about the Brioche Stitch

I lied—sort of…The introduction to Hat 7 requires some background. (3 guesses, (and the first 2 don’t count), guess what stitch is being used in Hat 7?)
Shown here, the outside and the inside views of the hat (still in progress)

The brioche stitch is written (in shorthand) as K1b—knit one in the stitch below --that is--stick the tip of the needle not into stitch on needle but into the stitch below and form a new stitch –then let the stitch on the needle fall off .

Yes, the stitch on the needle will “run” or ladder—but it won’t be able to run far! It will be trapped (secured) by the newly made stitch (the one worked in the stitch below) the run (or undone) stitch sits on the stitch below (a slip stitch in effect)

Alternately, you can
R1: K1 *slip 1, YO, K1, (repeat) end with K1
R2: K1, P1, P2tog (the slipped stitch with the YO) 

But the Brioche stitch/the K1b stitch is really a technique. 
I mean, let’s look at the knit stitch...

Knit every stitch, every row, and you get garter stitch.
Knit every stitch, every ROUND, and you get stocking knit
Knit and slip (in a pattern) and you get a NEW stitch pattern, that is neither garter nor stocking knit—(actually there a several patterns that can be created!)
Knit and K2tog, and YO and you get another stitch pattern, a lace—and there are lots of garter stitch based laces.

Knit is a basic technique.
There are lots of patterns (stitch patterns!) that can be created just using a knit stitch.

Sally Melville, in The Knit Stitch,  demonstrated, there are lots of things you can do with just a knit stitch—and really I think she just scratched the surface.

Same is true with the Brioche stitch.

It’s a technique that can be applied to ribbing, to seed stitch, to color work-- and there are LOTS of different patterns that can be created using this basic technique. 
Don’t take my word, look at this site--but be warned--if you do, you’ll be forced to learn more about the brioche stitch, and will feel compelled to knit something using this technique!

Ribbed Brioche stitch is often called Shaker or Fisherman’s rib.
And there are lots of variations on this rib pattern--half Shaker rib, Shaker (aka fisherman’s rib) and others, these are just the 1 X 1 ribbing. 

And there are lots of variations on this rib pattern--half Shaker rib, Shaker (aka fisherman’s rib) and others, these are just the 1 X 1 ribbing.

Then there are other ribbing patterns –like 2 by 2 ribbing, and 1 X 3 ribbing, and well LOTS of different techniques just with ribbing.

And finally there are 2 yarn (often 2 colors) ribbing patterns (note, plural—MORE THAN 1!)

The last one—the 2 yarn (2 colors most often, but not always!) 1 X 1 brioche rib is sometimes called doubled shaker rib, or more confusing, double knit shaker’s rib, and the most confusing, just plain double knitting!

(and it is a sort of double knitting.. it’s just very different than the other sort of double knitting!)

Katerina Bush's Big Book of Knitting (no link) is a good resourse for learning about the brioche stitch and shaker knitting too.

While it was generally held America, for YEARS, that 2 color double knit shaker ribbing couldn’t be done in the round – but it was commonly done in Europe.

And then a few year ago, Wendy Easton did a hat and scarf set forWeekend Knitting—with the hat done in 2 color, 1 X 1, brioche stitch, worked in the round.

Hat 7 was not inspired by that hat and doesn’t look much like that hat.

Hat 7 at was actually inspired by the Tsock Tsarina (who, not quite a year ago) was swatching some 2 color, 1 X 1, brioche stitch—for a shawl.

This stitch is deeply textured--the interlocking mesh makes it an air trapper—a hat that traps air and warmth even though it’s soft and loose.

One color (or in my case 3 different colors) predominate on one side, and the other color (in my case, the black) predominates on the other--the photo's above show this.

Stretch the work out as far as it will go--(as was done on Wendy’s version)-- and it looks different again!

More recently, Lisa has been playing with moebius wraps.

And got me thinking about a moebius brioche stitch ‘thing’--

But first, mastering the brioche rib--(and a few more hats!)

So Hat #6 was finished—the crown is a steep peak, but typically it gets folded over.. (OK, it too, is still waiting for a small pompom (and no, I haven’t really even looked for my pompom maker)
Its kind of hard to see the fold in the brim, the black is so dark and obscures the detail but a small pompom will be nice.

Hat #7 is a traffic stopper... (YES, I know it should be green at the bottom, and red at the top.. but call it creative license)

A tubular cast on, then 1 X 1 ribbing that changed to 2 colors, 1 X 1 brioche (aka double knit) shaker ribbing. 

I am up to the hard part (the decreases). 

I  actually use the 2 color brioche rib directions from Wendy's pattern--but that's about it.--

A different yarn, a different gauge, a different cast on, a different start, with different colors (more colors), a different fit... This hat is JUST like hers.. only every little detail is different!

And I am still thinking about the brioche rib for a moebius... Maybe Lisa will knit up a prototype for me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hat Number 6 is Half Done--and many more are on the way!

And looking good.

The crown is going to be a peak.. (shaped something like a flat (aka French) toe of a sock).

The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and I have lots of left over partial skeins—and started with a full skein of the black. There are left over from my wild and crazy (bright enough to be seen from outer space!) double knit vest (some 6 or so years old now)

This hat started out being knit flat-- between the garter and the stripes of color, I just though it would be easier to sew a small seam rather than fiddle to get jogless stripes, or jogless changes from knit to purl. I've already sewn the seam-->

I know some don't like to work a mattress stitch in purl or garter stitch, but I think its the easiest solution. (and it looks good!)

The cast on is Norwegian (aka twist, German Twist, Norwegian Twist, and worked in a slightly different manner, Maine)—this cast on has purl like bumbs on both sides—and is good stretchy option. 

The pattern is stunningly simple. 
Cast on a multiple of 4 –the exact number to be determined by your gauge. 

Start with 4 rows of garter (2 garter ridges)--In black (or main color) then *2 rows of red, 2 rows of black, 2 rows of yellow, 2 rows of black, 2 rows of green and 2 rows of black.
(or make the stripes in your choice of color) 
Repeat from the *RED. 

Only about 10 yards (each) of the contrasting colors are needed--for stripes and for the pom pom. 

Then join into round, and knit, till there are 5 inches measured from hem. 

The crown shaping is basic too. Mark beginning of round, and mark half way point. 
R1 of shaping: **K2, SSK, Knit till there are 4 stitches before marker.(half way point)K2tog, K2.  Repeat from ** on second half of the hat (4 decreases)
R2 of shaping: Work even.

Continue in this pattern till 1/2 of total stitch count has be decreased, and then work 1 more set of decreases rounds.
That is--if you started with 88(as I did) , decrease till there are 44 stitches (1/2) then work 1 more set of decreases (40 stitches) and 1 no decrease round.

Then continue, repeating R1 of shaping for every round--Until 8 stitches remain
Last Round: K2to, SSK, K2tog, SSK (4 stitches) and bind off drawstring style.

Finish by sewing up seam, and adding a small multi color pompom.

If you missed the beginning of this hat attack--I am spearheading a project to get 80 warm knit (or crocheted) hats for MOSTLY BOYS (elementary school aged) in the Bronx.
They are in a charter school for the handicapped.
(My daughters boyfriend is the PE teacher for the program/charter school. )

What is needed are hats for children (ages 8 to 12 or so) . There only about 15 girls in this particular program--so mostly boys hats are needed--Gender neutral designs/colors are good too. 
Idealy, I would like to have them by Martin Luther King day..(Jan 19th)

If you'd like to donate --you can email me (see about page for an email link) to plan a pick up --Or drop them off in Midtown, (where I work) or make other arrangements.

In addition to these 6, Liz H has knit 4 hats, (Lizhonig on ravelry--you can see her hats there) and BrooklynKnitnerd (Ravelry) has promised a half dozen, and weeballyarn(Ravelry, yet again) has promised a hat. 

So have other members of the West Babylon/Panera's knitting group, and the LICKnit2(yahoo) group.

As I get photo's of these hats, I'll post them. If they are worked from free patterns, I'll post links.. (neither Liz or knitnerd have blogs--)

Friday, January 09, 2009

I like a challenge.

I don’t know why, I don’t challenge myself more often.

Here it is Jan 9th, and I have 5 hat knits –I semi-thought when I took up the challenge of 80 hats, that I would knit 4, or perhaps 5.. but now I want to knit at least 8.

But who knows, when I get on a roll, well there is no telling what I will end with!

Here’s hat 5 -- Da Bronx Hat (hat 6 hasn’t been started, (physically) but has planned.) Navy and white (and not quite pin stripes, but stripey enough to suggest a ball team's uniform).

Da Bronx  is a hybrid—Left over navy Lion Brand Lion Wool, and a new skein (with lots left!) of Patons Classic Wool Merino.
A fancy cast on (well not that fancy, a Long Tail variation, done in 2 colors) gave way to 2 X 2 ribbing in navy, and that gave way to a 3 X1 ribbed stripe. After 5 inches, the 3 whites stitches in each repeat were decreases (one at time!)until there were none and the crown was finished in the navy.

I still am planning a big white pompom for this hat (OK, first I have to remember where I put the pompom maker!) –and I am thinking, this would make a great hat in warm reds and yellows. (a sun burst hat!)

I have more of the navy, and more of the Aran tweed –which is white and navy and light blue-left over from the snowy version of the Helmet hat) –and I have some left over skeins of black

--and now, half a skein of Patons Classic merino in white—and that is another classic combination.
And I still have the idea for the crown hat, and for the bear (or is it a buffalo?) hat in the brown..

Not to mention, even more left over Classic Merino from the boyfriends SUNY Albany hat.  
And while gold and purple are SUNY Albany colors, they are also Laker colors (and the LAKER’s must be a popular team cause 1) I know them, and 2) I even know the team colors.. )

I think my stash is going to be cleaned up and cleaned out—at least of partial balls and odd skeins!