Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you bored with hats?

I am not!

I am finding it fun to be creative –(no two hats the same) and still limited. (No wild and outrageous hats)
I think that, if like me, you have a choice of hats (dozens!) its great to wear a wild and 
outrageou s hat—every day if you want!Its a choice.
But if you only have 1 hat to chose from, its better to have something more conventional.
Not styleless--but not style setting.

The hooded hat is 25 or so short rows away from completion.. (and needs a good blocking.. being stuffed into a project bag for a few years didn’t do anything good for it!)—The “head’ I model it on.. (that I model almost all my hats on!)is small (about 19inches) It makes the hood look very big. (its snug on my 23 inch head!)making it a nice medium.
(there are front, side and back views..the neck/shoulder perplum is quite wrinkled)

I’ve already cast on some stitches and worked some ribbing for Hat 9.
It’s poised, waiting for something to happen..

Will it be color work? It could be...
Will it be cables? Haven’t done anything cabled so far
Will it be something unusual like entralac? (I doubt it!) 

For those of you NOT on Ravelry, above are Mia’s and Melissa’s hat, too.

The plain navy watch cap is Melissa’s, the other three are from Mia.
(Borough of dreams, Sandra Dee, and an unnamed green and grey watch cap.)

When I am finished with these children’s hats--I have more hats to knit!

Last year the West Babylon group (a no name group!) knitters knit hats for St Baldwin’s (a charity group for children with cancer) –and I want to have a hat or two handy for them (not needed till March)

And I want work up some new hats for my personal pleasure.
Some unconventional hats... in bright colors, with fun details.. A sunny yellow hat.. and a color work one.. and…

(I’ve gone on these hat knitting binges before.. and will again.)

I need to knit some vests too.

I don’t much like sweaters (or any bulk on my arms) but when its cold, I like a nice vest.. I have the yarn—and I need to do something to reduce my stash!—I think I’ll start with the black and red vest I started some 3 years ago!—and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.. Finish a WIP, and get something new to wear!

But I also have some green wool, and some think and thin multi colored wool (blue, greens, and purple…) and I want a hot pink lace vest.. (I had one, made in cheap acrylic, and it got over dried one wash cycle) and ..
Well you get the picture!

I actually wore a hat today—my tri-colored Linen stitch hat (aka Cardinal Woolsy hat since its was inspired by an image of the Cardinal wearing a hat of similar style and shape (if not color!) –It's my go to hat for cold weather since it matches my fingerless gloves.

I brought glove and fingerless gloves too, but I didn’t put them on--I would have if my hands felt cold--but it just didn’t feel cold enough for

It’s a balmy 18°, and snowing (lightly)—(that's about 20° below average/and about -8°C)–but compared to the mid west, where it is -18 (aka -30°c) or almost cold enough to be using the Kelvin scale, it is balmy in NY!

But cold not withstanding, I didn’t button up the top button of my jacket, or put on a scarf, either.

I really like the cold—always have.
But it’s more than cold enough. I am quite happy with highs of 38, and lows of 27 (about normal for this time of year) and won’t be unhappy when it warms back up to normal!


gayle said...

Oy!! I'm in northern Vermont, where it's been below zero for days now... 20 and 30 below, without a wind-chill. I need to wear 4 or 5 hats at once!
I love knitting hats - when you're done, you're done. No second matching one to go (like with socks or gloves...)
Done is so good.

Cathy said...

I'll never get tired of hats. Ditto on what Gayle said. It doesn't get that cold down here, but hats do come in handy.