Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hat #4—Squared Away

Moda Dea's (a Coats & Clarks Yarn) --65% wool/35% acyrlic, in an aran weight. This is the color way 'Glade' --a nice mix of browns, greens, golds and reds.. with a bit of grey and smoky amathist.

It's a bit shorter --with only 165 yards to a skein--there just wasn't enough yarn for a doubled brim. but there was enough for deep single fold back cuff.

Now on to hat 5..

This one’s a hybrid.. The white Yarn is Patons Classic Merino wool, the navy is Lion Brand’s Lion wool--left over from another project.

The design, well not quite pin stripes, but dark blue and white are good colors for Da Bronx This one, too, was started with the Open Closed cast on—with an extra twist. 

The thumb yarn was a doubled length of white, the index finger held a single strand of navy. The result, a double dash of white, with the navy peeking through. It’s really pretty looking—fancy (what I like!) without being feminine 

The group of students are mostly boys. Boys and men are, it seems to me, so much harder to be creative with--they tend to have narrow veiws of what is acceptable. (OK, that is a stereotype... but it exists because there is some truth to it!)

The first inch (inch and half?) is 2 X 2 ribbing, and the stripes are 3 X1 ribbing, with the single purl in navy. This hat definitely won’t be one with a squared away crown—First off, the stitch count is wrong. (I cast on 100, not 96)   Sure, I could make a simple decrease and change the stitch count. But it would be noticeable--the stripes dictate the decreases I think. 

What's  the current plan? 5 Decrease rounds (1 every 4th round)
First the ribbing changes from 3X 1  to 2X1, then to 1 X 1, then over to solid navy, (25 stitches) and then half again,(13) and half again.. (7)

This hat won’t be a deep one,( with a turn back cuff) since the standed work doesn't lend itself to that sort of hat—and it might find it's self with a pompom--a big pompom, I think.

Its fun working on these hats.  I tend to like funky hats and fun hats--but kids can be so conservative.  
It’s a bit of challenge—I want something original, and fun to knit--but I think that too wild a hat won’t be appreciated (or worn).

Still, I am going to knit a “Where the Wild Things Are” ‘crown’ –and I might turn 2 brown yarns (some fine wool, and some fun fur) into a bear (or perhaps, depending on how its finished,) a buffalo hat. I think school age kids might enjoy some imaginary fun—and like a crown or bear.
Maybe a coon skin cap too, (Anne Modiset has a pattern for free one her blog--I just have to go look it up--or make one of my own design.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'd bet you can make one up on your own in a flash. We've all seen your tutorials. I'm enjoying your hat adventures and the gaggle of hats you've produced.