Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hat Number 6 is Half Done--and many more are on the way!

And looking good.

The crown is going to be a peak.. (shaped something like a flat (aka French) toe of a sock).

The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and I have lots of left over partial skeins—and started with a full skein of the black. There are left over from my wild and crazy (bright enough to be seen from outer space!) double knit vest (some 6 or so years old now)

This hat started out being knit flat-- between the garter and the stripes of color, I just though it would be easier to sew a small seam rather than fiddle to get jogless stripes, or jogless changes from knit to purl. I've already sewn the seam-->

I know some don't like to work a mattress stitch in purl or garter stitch, but I think its the easiest solution. (and it looks good!)

The cast on is Norwegian (aka twist, German Twist, Norwegian Twist, and worked in a slightly different manner, Maine)—this cast on has purl like bumbs on both sides—and is good stretchy option. 

The pattern is stunningly simple. 
Cast on a multiple of 4 –the exact number to be determined by your gauge. 

Start with 4 rows of garter (2 garter ridges)--In black (or main color) then *2 rows of red, 2 rows of black, 2 rows of yellow, 2 rows of black, 2 rows of green and 2 rows of black.
(or make the stripes in your choice of color) 
Repeat from the *RED. 

Only about 10 yards (each) of the contrasting colors are needed--for stripes and for the pom pom. 

Then join into round, and knit, till there are 5 inches measured from hem. 

The crown shaping is basic too. Mark beginning of round, and mark half way point. 
R1 of shaping: **K2, SSK, Knit till there are 4 stitches before marker.(half way point)K2tog, K2.  Repeat from ** on second half of the hat (4 decreases)
R2 of shaping: Work even.

Continue in this pattern till 1/2 of total stitch count has be decreased, and then work 1 more set of decreases rounds.
That is--if you started with 88(as I did) , decrease till there are 44 stitches (1/2) then work 1 more set of decreases (40 stitches) and 1 no decrease round.

Then continue, repeating R1 of shaping for every round--Until 8 stitches remain
Last Round: K2to, SSK, K2tog, SSK (4 stitches) and bind off drawstring style.

Finish by sewing up seam, and adding a small multi color pompom.

If you missed the beginning of this hat attack--I am spearheading a project to get 80 warm knit (or crocheted) hats for MOSTLY BOYS (elementary school aged) in the Bronx.
They are in a charter school for the handicapped.
(My daughters boyfriend is the PE teacher for the program/charter school. )

What is needed are hats for children (ages 8 to 12 or so) . There only about 15 girls in this particular program--so mostly boys hats are needed--Gender neutral designs/colors are good too. 
Idealy, I would like to have them by Martin Luther King day..(Jan 19th)

If you'd like to donate --you can email me (see about page for an email link) to plan a pick up --Or drop them off in Midtown, (where I work) or make other arrangements.

In addition to these 6, Liz H has knit 4 hats, (Lizhonig on ravelry--you can see her hats there) and BrooklynKnitnerd (Ravelry) has promised a half dozen, and weeballyarn(Ravelry, yet again) has promised a hat. 

So have other members of the West Babylon/Panera's knitting group, and the LICKnit2(yahoo) group.

As I get photo's of these hats, I'll post them. If they are worked from free patterns, I'll post links.. (neither Liz or knitnerd have blogs--)

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Looking good!

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