Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hats are Happening!

More images  than I can reasonable post at once—so they are being spread out over 2 days
(all the links in this post are to Ravelry home pages—if you aren’t part of Ravelry, you won’t be able to open any of them)

Today and tomorrow, hat from the ladies (and gentleman!) of the West Babylon/Panera group—(we haven’t agreed on a name, but we meet each Sunday afternoon at the Panera’s in some mall (it has a name…)in West Babylon --on the Montauk Highway (aka Main Street)
(actually we have 2 guys, but we haven’t seen Lars for a while now—I swear he only comes in to show off FO’s –but goodness gracious, his FO’s are beautiful)) 

First (cause he is the newest knitter), Adam’s  Lime green swirl hat.. (a EZ pattern, or if not, a EZ derived patterns)

Ryan is almost as new a knitter—but you wouldn’t know it looking her blue circles in cirles fair isle hat!

Kelly is a long time crocheter, and a somewhat newish knitter--and she contributed 2 hats.
A black and white beanie, and a red Squared Away Ribbed Watch Cap.
Amy, 2 more,

And her mom, Renee, another 2

Tomorrow, more images of the hats from this group, and Wednesday, the more hats from the Knit LIC group. 

And–almost done, (3 stitches to graft (bind off)) is Hat number 9—a cotton and acrylic blend—it’s a Toe Cap. (Yes, I did start at the top, and yes, the shaping is based on the standard increases for toe of sock.

Mostly stocking knit, with seed stitch band, and seed stitch I-cord bind off—a simple snug fitting cap. (you can see the blueish stitch holder in the right image (holding the last 3 stitches of the I-cord.))

Today, I am making pompoms—and casting on for hat 10!
(Red, White and Blue!)

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