Friday, January 09, 2009

I like a challenge.

I don’t know why, I don’t challenge myself more often.

Here it is Jan 9th, and I have 5 hat knits –I semi-thought when I took up the challenge of 80 hats, that I would knit 4, or perhaps 5.. but now I want to knit at least 8.

But who knows, when I get on a roll, well there is no telling what I will end with!

Here’s hat 5 -- Da Bronx Hat (hat 6 hasn’t been started, (physically) but has planned.) Navy and white (and not quite pin stripes, but stripey enough to suggest a ball team's uniform).

Da Bronx  is a hybrid—Left over navy Lion Brand Lion Wool, and a new skein (with lots left!) of Patons Classic Wool Merino.
A fancy cast on (well not that fancy, a Long Tail variation, done in 2 colors) gave way to 2 X 2 ribbing in navy, and that gave way to a 3 X1 ribbed stripe. After 5 inches, the 3 whites stitches in each repeat were decreases (one at time!)until there were none and the crown was finished in the navy.

I still am planning a big white pompom for this hat (OK, first I have to remember where I put the pompom maker!) –and I am thinking, this would make a great hat in warm reds and yellows. (a sun burst hat!)

I have more of the navy, and more of the Aran tweed –which is white and navy and light blue-left over from the snowy version of the Helmet hat) –and I have some left over skeins of black

--and now, half a skein of Patons Classic merino in white—and that is another classic combination.
And I still have the idea for the crown hat, and for the bear (or is it a buffalo?) hat in the brown..

Not to mention, even more left over Classic Merino from the boyfriends SUNY Albany hat.  
And while gold and purple are SUNY Albany colors, they are also Laker colors (and the LAKER’s must be a popular team cause 1) I know them, and 2) I even know the team colors.. )

I think my stash is going to be cleaned up and cleaned out—at least of partial balls and odd skeins!

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