Friday, January 02, 2009

Knit Worthy?

Most knitter know what this means.

Someone is knit worthy when they appreciate the effort that goes into knitting.

When you visit someone, and find the lace hat you made (from Rowen Kid Silk!) lying on the floor, (of closet, or anywhere) looking like a dust rag.. You know this person is not knit worthy, (and you never knit for them again).

But some people are knit worthy no matter what.

Babies for example—every baby, every where is knit worthy.
--even if they spit up or poop or do other things to knitted garments, even if their parents aren't knit worthy.

Same, too, with Grand parents.. all of them are knit worthy.
(even if they don’t wear hand knits, and instead save them for the future)

All members of the armed forces (land, sea and air, serving here at home or stationed over seas) are knit worthy—all the time.

So too, the sick or handicapped—knit worthy.
And when they are children, and poor, and handicapped.. MOST Definitely knit worthy!

So, when I knit my daughter’s boyfriend a hat, I asked her—He is knit worthy, isn’t he?

The answer was, Yes, of course!…. Oh, and are you interested in knitting another 80 hats?

Boyfriend (Yes, as a matter of fact, he does have a name—James) Well, said boyfriend, James, is a NYC public school teacher, working in charter school in the south Bronx. (an area of economic hardship) and he is the PE teacher for 80 students –mostly, but not exclusively—boys who have autism.

Last week before Christmas, when the temps in NYC were 19° (f) in the daytime, many of the students came to school with out warm (with any!) hats.

So the call is out—I want HATS –80 hats mostly suitable for boys ages 8 to 12--
I've just finished hat 2. I could knit all 80 on my own.. but I wouldn’t finish till next winter.

So how about a hat or two?
The Red Tulip (aka Helmet) Hat (above) is the first hat for the cause...
The Squared Away Ribbed Watch cap is completed--(but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for a photo of the finished hat.)

Like the hat designs? The Red hat is my own design--OK, its a knock off.. part EZ ski hat (shorter) part Sweet baby hat (but with more shaping) I'm writting up the pattern now, and will post it, and the pattern for the Ribbed Watch cap tomorrow on Ravelry.. (what you haven't joined yet!?)

I am posting here--and on Ravelry--I am letting members of my knitting groups know. I hope I can count on a hat or two (or maybe 3) from each of you.
It would be great to be able to hand out hats mid January—when there is still plenty of cold weather around.
If you donate, be sure to make a hang tag of some sort with washing directions (hand wash/machine wash—flat dry or tumble)


Anonymous said...

I have six hats ready. When will I see you?

Robyn said...

sounds like a good use of some of that Lion Brand I have still sitting in my living room...I will get to work!

penny said...

I'll do my best to get you *at least one*. Autistic boys are a soft spot for me.

Another thing you may want to let people know is my experience is that some autistic complain about materials -- "too scratchy". So please, no scratchy crap acrylic. I think wool-ease would be ok, but a mix of wool and non-wool (cotton-ease?) would be better. about what age are they (for approximate sizing) or is it a mix?

(ps I tried to reply to a comment you made to my site eons ago and it kept bouncing back...)

penny said...

HAH!!! i cannot read bold type. good thing i'm going to the eye doctor today... *blush*