Friday, January 30, 2009

Mea culpa

I’ve hardly knit anything since Tuesday. (I’ve been reading!)--so I'v had nothing much to report.

I’m making an I-cord frou-frou for the top of the gold/purple/ white chullo style hat.  3 I-cords finish up the stitches from the crown shaping, 16 more are part of the crown–or rather, when finished 16 more I-cords will finish the crown.

Only 6 of these have been knit, plus there is an i-cord or braid needed for the edge, (which is curling slightly) and for the ties.

I thought I lost the size 8 circ I had been using--but found it this morning when I photographed the hat I received on Tuesday-and I was's one of my newer Susan Bates Velocities.. a very nice circ! (my annoyance at myself for losing the neede was part of the reason I haven't been knitting. )

I have started to frog Red/white/blue and re knit..This time, red ribbing, then white and red stripes, finished with a blue crown that will be decorated with a white felt 5 pointed star.

The red white and blue yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease, so the star will be made from cheap white poly felt, not real wool felt.As for other  hats, 5 more hats arrived on Tuesday.
2 from Kim--Both squared away ribbed watch caps--the Black Cascade 220, the green a super wash wool.1 from Alexis--Her hat intragrates the group--it is crocheted, not knitted!

1 from Colette--feather and fan in a pretty golden brown tweed.

Another 1 from Carolyn.. this one, too, was not knit by her.. but given to her for donation.  It's pretty, isn't it?

Carolyn was just a few rows away from completing a Brown hat, and has another hat from Hat Attack to donate.  
(but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch!  so these hats (that I know I will recieve,  aren't part of the count--Yet!)

Mai has a hat on the way, (her 4th!) and so does Robyn.
Once I finish hat 12 and 13—and collect the others, we’ll be at 50----5/8th of the way there--past the 1/2 way point..but still work to do!

Slowly but surely, the 84 hats needed are accumulating!

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