Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Defeated Hecuba

(Remember these?) 

Yesterday, (June ’08, that is) David--the ROCK (pay attetntion, this post is filled with Davids!) did a foolish thing.

He planned a small gathering of some IRL and internet friends. He invited some NEAR BY friends to join him for a weekend in a country home (not his, but one he was invited to use for a weekend)—the country home was sort of Local (a few hours drive from NYC)


So his LOCAL (NY, NJ, CT, VT) friends said yes, (and this included 2 more DAVID’s, (NJ and NY David’s) and his Not so local friends, DECIDED they were too local, and that the Invitation extended to KY, and MI, IL, GA, and included Canada—Montreal--and then, once the door to Canada was open, Ontario. (Not the nearby New York part of Ontario, but the WESTERN edge of Ontario(the part of Ontario that is west of  Michigan-- Ontario is a a rather HUGE province)  

Others presumed that the invitation included significant others, (Roger, that!)--so one guest brought his girl friend--(a pile of rocks was she-a regular cairn!  loved by all—and  just the right addition to the crazy mix!)

And then,  friends who were further away said, “Well if she’s coming, and he’s coming, I’m coming, too!” and now the guest list included visitors from OR, and PR, and the UK (yet another David!)

–Giving a whole new meaning to LOCAL and NEAR BY!

Now, David (the Rock!) was slightly overwhelmed. Sure it was a big house, but 16 guests? That’s a lot of company. (and did I mention, David, the rock (the island..) he’s not a recluse, but 16 almost strangers, coming from far and wide, and staying for a long weekend?  That's the sort of thing that might even daunt Pearl Mesta!  

Well, we’ve known him for years on line, and most of us (the guests) had met each other IRL, but very few of us had actually met David(the Rock) –and there were 3 other Davids in the company –for a total of 4 Davids--but only one was the Rock!

Well, the long and the short of it--after all the bacon, and bathrooms, and bedrooms and the hot tub; after the music (oh, the music!),  the  other adventures (and mis adventurers—you just have to say Cashews! and every one is hysterical, all over again)!; after the snakes in the toilets--(they are still a topic for on line conversations); a wonderful weekend was had by all.

All the guests, that is. We came, we coped, and we survived.
We cooked and ate, and before we left, like good guests, we cleaned up after our selves.

Still, David, the Rock, was reduced to gravel. (poor man)

So a month later, (Oh yeah the invitation was June, the get together was August, so a month later was September (just a few moments ago, really!) I knit David some socks—something special for this special man who, quite by accident, (something akin to being run over by a truck!) hosted this wacky get together of enormous proportions, where a good time was had by all.

He was pretty pleased with them when he got them (stunned into speaking and writing  gibberish really)--just look at the comment he posted!

Yesterday I got this (slightly edited to protect the guilty) missive from him:

I gave my socks their real maiden voyage over Christmas…  They were loved, and upon commented - times past counting.  To wear them in the asking crowd was a feet.  I slept little and prided all the while.  "These are my 150 dollar honies, my bank roll toasties; these are the output of my good friend Helen ('where does she hail?' 'from Troy, and no defeated Hecuba, she!) and three, count them THREE whole bowls of yarn."  The kitties prayed for an end to unravel; the children ran, as if from lighted stove; the teens and adults begged to snuggle in them - but I refused to let them do alone (and so I remained - no friend of courtship).  And everyone, but EVERYONE commented, as I passed by…

(Obviously, he is knit worthy, too)

Hat 3 had a mishap (will I ever learn to count?) and got frogged a bit...

But it should be done before the sky’s darken today.. and a photo posted tomorrow.

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Robyn said...

definitely knit-worthy!! with a note like that he might be set for life...