Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No New Hat and No Photos

That’s the bad news. (There are lots of LINKs to photos—but it’s not quite the same thing, is it?)

The good news is: 3(and one more to come) hat’s from Mia.. (you can see 2 of them on Ravelry here) Borough of dreams and Sandra Dee (the other hat never made it to Ravelry—the 4th is still on needles) are beautiful.

Plus another one from Melissa—(And the left over Lion Brand Yarn came to me—a scrap—but Its enough to mix with my left over red and half skein of white to make a red, white and blue hat!) Amazingly, this is her first ever knit hat!

Tomorrow, Barbara will hand over some—I am meeting her hat the Jamba Juice promotion—part of which is an all day knitifi (think graffiti—only knitted) at Time Warner Center—(I will stop and see my DD, too since she works in that building!)

I'll post photo’s of her hats here, (and forward copies of the photo's to her since she doesn’t yet have any photo’s posted on Ravelry--She can post them there!)

The crowd at Panera’s has handfuls of hats—but I missed getting there last Sunday.
These 4 are from Liz—and this is her photo of them.

Even more good news is I found my new and rather expensive Clover Pom Pom maker--(still haven’t made the pompoms; but, well Rome wasn’t built in day!)

And that is not the end of the good news: I also found a WIP—(can you guess what it was?) YES a 75% completed hat--(OK, so it’s a hood not a hat, but it will work!)

(This WIP was on a needle –so soon I’ll have another size 8 circ (and not just a envelop indicating I have one somewhere!)

So I’ll turn a WIP into a FO, and get back a circular needle as a bonus.

The other bad news is the economy.
But as it turns out, it’s good new for me!

My temp job was to have ended “in January” (never clear if it was January 1st or January 31st—Well at this point.. it is ending “sometime”. It’s extremely unlikely it will be January 31st—and it might be the end of February, or perhaps March. Who knows? Every day I am working is a bonus.

The other bad news is the weather. It’s actually cold in NYC (and it saddens me that we don’t have 80 hat today, to hand out today!) with talk about snow, and even colder temperatures to come.

The good new is (for NYC) we, unlike the Midwest don’t have this cold PLUS a mountain of snow—and we are only expecting a dusting to about 3 inches…(nothing compared to Michican and Wisconson!)

So it’s mostly its good news—and by tomorrow, more good news… and photos! 
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