Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ok, knitting hats is getting old

I started this hat Thursday last, and will likely finish it today (5 days later!)

It's made from 3 left over skeins of yarn--all Patons Classic Wool Merino.  

And really, I am not looking forward to hat 13.

So far, I only have a total of 40 hats (and enrollment crept up over the holidays, and the new total needed is 84)

So I find myself in the position of encouraging others to do what I am sick of—Namely KNIT HATS!--

I console myself with the knowledge that my contribution is a good 15% of the total needed--I am doing my part! But a also know, I am ready to part ways with hats right now!

It’s cold out (not as cold as the Midwest, nor as snowbound) but 10° or so below average –and the hats are needed--but I want my fingerless gloves.. (I get cold too!)

I am so sick of knitting hats, that I am even dreaming about knitting a scarf.. (and I hate knitting scarves!) but the ‘string of pearls scarf from Knitting New Scarves calls out to me—wouldn’t it look pretty in Paton’s Bamboo? .

And there is spinning to work on…

Over a year ago, I HELPED my DIL (KnitSonya) out by offering to store her wheel.. (and um, keep all the moving parts lubricated and smooth running..)

I’ve spun nothing.. (well not enough to knit a hat!)—and the 40 lb bag of raw fleece
that’s been sitting on my terrace? Well.. um.. well, I—really I am going to clean it, and card it, and spin it.. 
Really! (there is really a tooth fairy isn’t there? and fairy godmothers that spin straw into gold? and well.. um.. these fleeces have lots of vegetable matter--does that count as straw?)

In the meanwhile Lisa (aka the Tsock Tsarina and soon to be the Tspinsterish Tsock Tsarina!) has espinnerated just about everyone in the West Babylon KNITTING group—and is working hard on making the entire east coast of US into spinners.

(That a lie)--What do I mean the EAST COAST? —She is going national, going global. (that's the truth!  And when we get a colony on Mars, I have no doubt  Lisa will have them spinning, too. (and me.. well I like the idea of spinning...)

Ever the optimist, I have spun out the idea (spinning out idea?Now that is spinning that I can do!) to Robyn Love to turn her spinning on the subway project into a NYC Subway Spin fest…and have committed to spin in public (I guess I should learn to use a drop spindle soon, huh?) 

--of course if you are interested in learning to spin, she'll be giving out free (CD spindles) and fleece, as well as lessons.. detail on her blog!-for the price of a subway ride, you can learn to spin!

We have Knit in Public days, why not Springtime Subway Spinning Sessions.. (how that for alliterations?!)

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gayle said...

You've been a hat-knitting dynamo, lately! You deserve a rest. 8)
Obviously, spinning is called for. After all this knitting, you need more yarn.