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Squared Away Ribbed Watch Cap

Squared Away Ribbed Watch Cap

This is a basic, and unoriginal hat pattern.
But these particular directions for making this hat are MINE.
Please: Use it for yourself, or for charity knitting, but do not copy and/or
distribute with out my express permission—Not even for charity work.

Yarn: Worsted weight (about 200 yards)

Gauge: (in stocking knit) 5 stitches to inch/20 =4 inches or 10 cm)

Needle size: US 7 or 4.5 mm—circular (1 long or 2 medium) or DPN’s)or size required to get gauge.

Notions: stitch markers (4 or 5)—the safety pin or split loop style

NOTE: This Ribbed hat requires a stretchy cast on. A tight cast on will ruin it.
Suggested cast on:
Long Tail
Follow link to a YouTube tutorial on all of these cast on's-

Cast on, (loosely!), 96stitches

(for a smaller hat --cast on 80--for a larger hat, 112--the pattern requires multiples of 16)

Join into round, being careful not to twist, and begin working in 2 X 2 ribbing:
*K2, P2
R2 and all rows: repeat R1.

Work in ribbing till hat is at least 9 inches long (10 inches of ribbing are better!)
Set up for shaping.
The hat has 24 ribs--that is 24 columns of KNITS (and 24 recesses/columns of purls)
Pick up stitch marker, count over to 3rd rib (1, 2, 3) Place stitch marker in this rib, close to top/near needle.

Count out 5 more ribs (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) In Rib 9 place stitch marker middle of the rib.
Repeat, placing a marker in Rib 15, and Rib 21.
(for 80 stitch hat, there will be a total of 20 ribs. Place markers in rib 3, then in rib 8, then in 13, then in rib 18)
These are the 4 main ribs—they are equally spaced.
The directions will refer to theses main ribs. The markers will identify them.

If needed, move the markers up the main ribs as the work progresses.

R1 of shaping: Work in ribbing till 1 stitch (purl) before main rib.
*K2tog, then SSK, P1, and then continue in ribbing till 1 stitch before next main rib.Repeat from *

At the end of the round, you will have made 8 decreases (2 decreases at each side of
each main rib.) (stitch count will be 88)

R2 of shaping:
Knit the knits, purl the purls. (At either side of the 4 main ribs, there will be a single purl stitch—ribbing pattern will be “broken”)

R3: Repeat row 1—except, Continue in ribbing pattern (after the SSK, work 2 knits!)
Stitch count =80 at the end of the round.

R4: Knit the knits, purl the purls—
NOTE: either side of the main rib there will be 2 knits-- so at this point, you will K2 (last rib before main rib), K2, (main rib) and then K2 again (first rib after main rib) 6 knit stitches in a row!

R5: Repeat row 1—continue in ribbed pattern.

(K1 after Main rib, then return to basic 2 X 2 ribbing) (stitch count =72)

R6: Knit the knits, purl the purls

-Now either side of main rib, there will be a single Knit. The rib pattern at this
point will be K1 (half a rib), k2 (main rib), K1,(half a rib) a total
of 4 knit stitches in a row.

Elsewhere it will still be K2,P2.
Continue in this manner—on alternate rows, the main rib is always worked
with a K2tog, and a SSK—and the stitch count will decrease by 8 (to 64, then 56, and so on)

On the even (no decrease rows), continue in the 2 X 2 ribbed pattern.
Knit the main rib, and letting the rib pattern between the main ribs break, as it will, either side of the main rib.

NOTE: Reposition stitches on needles as needed, so that you can work the decreases.
When you have worked your final decrease—(ie 8 stitches remain—the 4 main ribs)
DO NOT WORK a plain row.

Instead, K2tog, SSK, K2tog, SSK.. (4 stitches)Cut or break yarn, leaving a 12 inch tail.
Thread tail onto tapestry needle, and draw through the final 4 stitches. Weave in thread from cast on tail.
(a pom pom or tassel is optional--but not traditional)


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I just found you on Ravelry. This is one fabulous hat pattern!

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Thanks Helen I was waiting for that. Hats on the way!!