Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traffic Stopper…(aka hat number 7)

Is done.
I like it… but the jury is still out on the double knit brioche rib.
It’s a very unforgiving knitting… Impossible to frog and difficult just to tink!

The top of the hat is less than successful—Partly because
1—I was working with out a pattern

2—I didn’t fully understand the nature of the decreases, and how to best work with them.
Next time (if there is a next time) I’ll do a lot better.

That’s the nature of learning.
The decreases aren’t really hard—and not half so hard as they sound:
Slip a K stitch (and it’s yarn over) to right needle, Knit together:a Knit (and its yarn over) and a purl. Then pass Knit and YO over the knit stitch.

It’s a double decrease—(a column of Knit(s) and a column of purl(s) are decreased.—this leaves the K1/P1 pattern intact.

The best decrease pattern for a crown of hat would have been shaped something like stacked chevrons –Instead of the attempt made at a swirl arm spiral –and starting with the right number--for the stacked chevrons would have helped too!

The Big Book of Knitting helped, but I really should have planned better.
Of course since this is my first project… Catch 22!

So what’s next.. Hmm… You’ll have to wait and see!

PS. Robyn (weeballyarns on Ravelry) has kindly offered a few skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick (remnants from the Giant Pencil in the Sky) –gold, black or white—If you want to make hat, and have an idea.. contact me, (or her) and some arrangement can be made.

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