Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Welcome Magi!

It’s January 6, 2009, and Hat 3 (knit by me) is done.

It’s another version of the Helmet hat, with a Channel Island cast on, and garter stitch, (and because, apparently, I can’t count and cast on 93 not 91!) it has a 2 stitch lapped gansey style join.
I am pathologically opposed to ever knitting something as its presented in a pattern, even when ITS MY PATTERN!

The yarn is Patons Classic Merino in the Aran tweed color –it’s a
 pretty snow cap.

All ready on the needles is Hat 4-- another watch cap in 2 X 2 ribbing. Maybe it will
 be a Squared Away crown.. or maybe it won't. We’ll see when we get to the crown.  

This watch cap, like the previous one, has (because it needs to have!) a very stretch cast on.

I don’t know the name of the cast on--that is, at the time i was taught it, it was just called 'another version of long tail".
I call it the Open/closed long tail.. since it’s a basic long tail variation. One stitch is made ‘normally’(with a closed loop) and the second stitch is made with an open ended (a U shaped) loop. Directions for this cast on can be found in my YouTube video about Long Tail and variations 

It’s also made with a double tail--measure out a tail, then double it!

The Tail (the real end of the yarn!) is next to needle (and is short.. an inch or two) The “tail” is doubled yarn that ends in a folded loop.

The double yarn of the tail makes the cast on edge distinctive.
It’s not a reversible cast on--The back side is different (nice but not as nice a front)

It’s a very stretch cast on—one that looks great with 2 by 2 ribbing–but you have to fiddle a bit.

The first stitch (the loop) needs to be dealt with—since you want to have pairs for the knits and pairs for the purls –as you work the cast on, the stitches will automatically ‘pair up’ on the needle.

I deal with the first (odd) loop by moving it to the other needle and K2tog when I join into a round, and that works fine.

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gayle said...

Love your video of the long-tail variations! Very clear and helpful.
I'm going to give that double-tail one a try on the next hat I knit. (Which will be soon - the yarn is yoohoo-ing me from the basket at this moment...)
Thank you!