Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What an Effort..

Look out –photo heavy post-- Here are the super star's of hat knitting...
First, Liz—of the West Babylon Panera group— not 1, not 2..

 But 5 beautiful hats..
Blogger is unhappy about showing all of them...

Tuesday internet traffic was overwhelming.. but even today its not being co-operative.. so here are just 3 of the 5--the missing 2 are very similar--in color and style to the 2 blue and grey ones shown.

And then Barbara V (BrooklynKnitNerd on Ravelry)a KNITTING MACHINE—with 7 hats…here are just 4 of them.

And remember my proposed Red, white and blue hat?

Hmm.  Most of the hats I have been knitting have been from left over skeins.

I had LOTS of left over yarn from my double knit vest (Lion Brand Wool Ease)
I buy the odd skein of two--Balls in clearance bins, bandless ball
Yarns that  I recognize—in the bargain bin, or slightly damaged, knotted or tangled ball of yarn always manage to find a home with me— 
So I had a good deal (but not a complete skein) of Blue, and some red (almost as much) and some white (the smallest left over of the three) < style="font-weight:bold;">

1—continue, but use a different blue (navy or a lighter, baby blue)
---I have rejected this! 
2—Frog, and come up with a different design.
---this is being considered
3---Buy some more blue.. so long as it is close, a different dye lot would work)
--Listed last, this is actually my first choice.

It does sort of defeat the purpose of “using up stash”—but I am liking this pattern, and will hit ACMoore and Michaels tonight (in Queens) and if they don’t have, the ACMoore and Michaels in Westbury tomorrow.

I still have gold and a small bit of pale yellow, a bit more of bright yellow, some red, some green, wheat, black, and some heathers in rose, and in a purple –and a small bit of grey. 
I have yarn enough to start hat 12, even as buy some yarn to complete hat 11… 

(12 Hats!—a Dozen, 15% of the total needed.. but it’s not enough! I don’t think I’ll stop till have a bakers dozen. and maybe not even then.) 

I still haven’t even started some of the hats I’ve thought about knitting! 
I have been low key about asking friends –but I will put the screws to them.
As of now I have 37 hat in hand, (plus more promised—not quite half of what is needed.) I hat hoped to have them all by tomorrow-- but it seems I will need a week or more to let others finish up. There is still plenty of winter left in February.

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