Thursday, January 22, 2009

Work, Knit, Blog, Document

That pretty much defines my existence these days.

Hat 11 was posted today on Ravelry(and can be seen below!)  Hat 12 is on needles...

I still have 2 more hats from the West Babylon Panera group to feature.

This hat (red/black and grey was knit by.... (augh!) I've forgotten—I think this one is from Amy—but if I am wrong—someone correct me!

And this one, the soft grey watch cap, is from Melanie—akaTeaBirdon Ravelry.

Hat 11 is knit from left over Patons Classic Merino (aran tweed) from the Helmet hat, with some more Patons Classic Merino in denim blue.

The pattern is one of my own, (but not available, free or otherwise) –called Syncopated Rhythm—its an interesting hat to knit—once you learn the rhythm of the stitch pattern.

It has a huge pompom—not many of the hats have pompoms or tassels. but I think this cabled hat really needs a pompom.

Yesterday, as I was knitting it on the subway, a 7 year old boy , Frankie, saw the work in progress and though it was beautiful.
I hope other boys feel the same.

In addition to knitting, I’m setting up a DB with info on the hats, (who knit, fiber and care-in both English and Spanish) to make labels for all the hats.

I have a dozen entries, but I need to get cracking!

(and the red, white and blue? to the frog pile.. Lion Brand no longer makes that shade of blue in Wool Ease—so I’ll have to re-think the whole thing!)

I might be forced to knit MORE than 13 hats.. Oh dear!


MamaMay said...

Those are some very lovely hats. I like the last pattern, too bad it is a private one.

Robyn said...

helen, these hats are fantastic!! these are some lucky 12 yos! or was it 11?