Saturday, February 28, 2009

DONE? I dunno…

The fingerless gloves--done? Or should I make them longer? I dunno.

I have lots more yarn—and I am thinking the left over, combined with the zepher will make a nice cowl.. Zepher lace to start and lace to end, and a bit of stocking knit in the middle.

The bit of NYC that I’ve been knitting –is that done? again—I dunno.

The artist thought it should be some what unfinished.. (the better to show off the detail of the plaza below) but is 14 inches enough? how tall is the model? another question that can be answered with I dunno.

There are still yards and yards of I-cord to knit.. and I thought maybe the I cord could extend beyond the knitting…but will that look stupid? ( I dunno)

Hats? Well I still haven’t broken 70—(and 84 are needed)

My boss Kim is enjoy knitting hats almost as much as I am—she has cranked out 7 so far.. (and there may be more yet!)

Me too, I am going to crank out more.  When will I have enough? I dunno.

It is interesting how we knitter get obsessed with variations on a theme—15 hats ins 8 weeks is a lot of hats—but I still have ideas for hats, and can still get excited about knitting another.. (And I’ve gotten other knitting done, too.)

Nanette has knit 456,782 mittens.. (she still has only 2 hands!) and she is still always knitting another pair.
(And, lending credence to the idea of great minds think alike--her newest pair has a 2 color Latvian braid on the cuff!)

Others have knit half a dozen shawls. Or a dozen sweaters, (and so many of us have several dozen pairs of socks!) 

Sometimes, it seems like knitting fills a deep seated  biological need!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here’s Hat 15—Finished and Photographed

I love how the cast on edge, and ribbing make a neat flat donut hole.

And I love how I was able to finish the hat with about 1 and half yards of the yellow yarn left over!

I was so afraid I would run out of the yellow.. Sure, I could have ended with the grey in the center... but I don’t think it would have looked as good!

The whole thing was pattern-less,  free-hand knitting.

Cast on 88 (a good number!), 2 X 2 ribbing, increase over a few rounds (about 5 rounds between each increase round) till 120 stitches, then the first pattern round... a simple pattern of K1MC, K1CC; followed by a round of CC.

Some rounds of MC (and some decreases) and repeat of the pattern round.. only now 2 rounds of CC.. again, with MC and decreases.. and then again with pattern.. (and 3 rounds of CC)

The first few rounds were 8 decreases—every 4th round or so.. but after a few decreases, it changed to 16 decreases every 3rd round—enough to make a flat, not domed top.

I was afraid the color work made it to feminine, but curiously, several male customers admired it—and grey and yellow is a popular color pair for men’s winter jackets--so I think its gender neutral.

This is the new improved under side of the Petal Power hat... 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Once a week, a friend and I get out to dinner--we used to do breakfast once or twice a week, but with work schedule these days, its easier to dinner once a week. 

We are both on a limited budget, so price is a big consideration for our restaurant choice.
Frequently, we end up having the salad bar at the local Sizzler –the price is right and place is clean-but it’s hardly fine dining!

Last night—a discount coupon had us heading to Woodside. (about 4 miles and 15 minutes away) We had dinner at Masala—and were pleasantly surprised.

For some reason, most Indian restaurants in NY are expensive--but last night, soup, appetizer, an entrĂ©e, and breads (pampadoms and nan) for 2 was under $50—(significantly under)making Masala a good value.

With the discount (and tip)--the dinner out ending up costing us $23—a $1 or so more than the salad bar at Sizzler--and it was much nicer dining experience.

It's just steps away from the No. 7 subway, or the Woodside station of the LIRR--or an easy drive from many points in Queens--an other bonus was parking--it was metered, but not at all hard to find a space--there were even spaces right in front of the door!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knitting more than ever!

At work, Hat Number 15 –for the Hat project is done—but not finished.. there are still ends to weave in.

It’s a flat as a pancake beret in grey, with pale yellow ‘rings’. The decreases are scattered so that the color work predominates.

It’s not one of the hats I’ve thought of making (ie, a coon skin type hat, or a bear hat) I keep thinking about them, but forget to bring the yarn to work--and instead start something with the yarn I have at work (a big bag of Loin Brand Wool Ease that is slowly, but surely, emptying out!)

The second Petal Power hat is finished-- but the documentation isn’t! 

But I already have a test knitter lined up to check the pattern.

At home, I am knitting a semi secret project-- with a Sunday deadline.. but is not very detailed.. simple knitting, a tube.. or rather a rectangle (a tube with will become a rectangle!)

 The fingerless gloves are long enough—but I making them longer.

Still un photographed is the newest donated hat—YET another one from my boss Kim (its great having another knitter as boss!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 timing…

With my knitting.

At home, I am working on this –it’s all done but for the ribbing and cast off...Well the KNITTING is all but done!

At work, I am working on this-- Hat 15 for the 84 hat project (with the count still stuck in the 60’s!) –but more are coming tonight.

On the subway (homeward bound—I read the paper and do the crossword on the way to work) I am working on these fingerless gloves.

In the UFO pile for the moment, is the Black Pearls scarf.

Work on the  “at home” hat spills into work time, too,  since I am documenting the pattern—(for sale I think).

The text part of the pattern is simple for me. (I can knit leaf motif’s in my sleep!)

The hard part is checking the math—With complex patterns, I like to have the stitch count updated every time it changes –in this case, every other round—for 3o something rounds.

With a stitch count on each row, a complex pattern becomes an intermediary skill required pattern. 

And I still need to work on making a graph—something I am not very good at.
Graphing is not too hard with regular patterns.

But this is a sort of lace (increases and decreases) plus increase for general shaping—and the nature of a raised leaf motif, (in the round) means a wedge shaped graph, that has lots of grey ‘no stitch’ boxes. –the stitch count for each motif starts with 4 stitches, swells to 22, and ebbs back to 16.

Personally I prefer text patterns.. Especially nowdays—When, with computers and PDF files, and other electronic formats, it’s not an issue if a pattern take 4 pages.

When I write a pattern, I allow each round to have it’s own line—I don't run the text together. This makes it easier to read, and easier to tick mark each round as you complete it–(one of the generally recognized advantages to charts)
But I realize there are some who prefer charts.. and well, you have to give the people what they want.

Hat #14--the gold beanie with a Latvian braid brim is done...and has been uploaded to my project page on Ravelry. 

And Sunday past,  Miss Lucy (aka MissTibbets) and I had a hat swap--
She got the prototype of the Petal Power, and I got a Bulky blue cap for the Hat drive.

On my big noggin, the hat was small--but it's slightly too big for her normal sized head.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Number 14

A simple hat.. (it’s going to be all stocking knit and a simple ‘formula’ 8 decreases every other round crown)--Except for the brim.

It’s hard to see—(because the knitting rolls!) and it's  made worse by my scant photography skills, but this hat starts with a 3 color braided cast on. 

Braided Cast on’s are just another variation of the Long Tail –if you know a basic long tail, you are half way to knowing a braid cast on!
Braided cast ons look especially nice in colors—you can use 2 colors –or 3, or more –after 5 colors the ‘carry’s’ of yarn get too long and the cast on is less attractive.

3 colors are the optimal choice (well in my opinion!)--and the 3 yarn version looks good in 3 yarns of a single color.

Start by tying together the yarns—leaving as short (or as long) a tail  as you desire.  I tie together into a slip knot--(this 3 yarn slip not is not a cast on stitch--it gets removed and undone in R1)

I put the slip stitch onto a needle and decide on my color sequence.(my A, B, C’s)
Yarn A becomes my thumb yarn,
Yarn B becomes the index finger yarn,
and Yarn C just hangs below, doing nothing!

Cast on 1 stitch, standard long tail
Before casting on the second stitch, rotate the yarns.

There are several pattern for rotation, I am only going to discuss one—but you can play with the cast on, and see how the braid changes as you change rotation methods) By rotate I mean this: Yarn C get picked up onto the thumb
Yarn A moves up (and back) onto your index finger. 
Yarn B gets dropped (and just hangs there)

Cast on 1 
Next stitch 
Yarn B get picked up onto the thumb 
Yarn C moves up and back onto index finger 
Yarn A get dropped (and just hangs there) 

And then we are back to: 
Yarn A gets picked up on the thumb
Yarn B gets moved up and back on index finger 
Yarn C gets dropped (and just hangs there) 

The yarns move ins a smooth clockwise rotation—you’ll know you are doing it right if the yarn between the needle tips and balls gets twisted--

This cast on will twist the yarns. 
It’s a great cast on for mittens or sock.(50 to 80 stitches) 
It’s an OK cast on for a hat (80 to 100 stitches) 
It’s torture for more than 100 stitches.
It’s about as stretchy (or non stretchy if worked too tight!) as any long tail cast on.

Just like the braided cast on, there are several variations of Latvian braid. If my version is not the same as the one you know—both of us are Right—we just know different methods!At the end of the cast on—the stitches on the needle are all in A,B,C,A,B,C, order.
Each stitch will be worked with its matching yarn (A gets worked with A, B gets worked with B, C gets worked with C..)
Unlike fair isle, with a Latvian braid, the yarns are intentionally twisted (just as they were in the cast on)—making a Latvian braid a bit of PITA to do!

R1: rotate the yarns clockwise, R2: rotate them counter clockwise.

(It’s much easier to work a Latvian braid in the round—Even though the R's are purled (not knit)
After 2 R’s of braid, (purl stitches on Right side-reverse stocking knit as it were)I  then worked 2 R’s of stocking knit –followed by 2 more R’s of braid in reverse stocking knit.

This is the inside view, you can see the stacked columns of color and the fair isle floats
These bands of reverse stocking knit/stocking knit/reverse stocking knit make a nice non-rolling edge as well—making the braid edge both pretty and practical!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The count is 64—

A score more hats are still needed.
These are the three newest ones.

One from Kim--1 X 1 twisted ribbing.

 Another from Tracy--2 X 2 ribbing --in
 Lamb's Pride

The third from Florence--a soft grey wool watch  cap

I’ll make another, and I know of 2 (1
 knit, 1 on needles) that I am getting on Sunday, and Carolyn has 1 or is it 2?(See? this is why I don’t count till the hat is in hand!)

--But that still leaves 15 more hats that are needed.

I plan to cast on my 14th hat today, (and get it out of the way so that I can make another flower hat--(and document the details as I go!)

My fingerless gloves are a scant 4 inches in length—I haven’t worked on them anywhere but on the subway.

At home—well--it’s a bit of an upheaval.

I have moved into the 21st century—and now own a LCD HDTV (and a converter box for my second TV)—It’s HUGE—50% bigger than the old one—a full 19 inches--

The new TV weighs ounces-- and it takes up less room. And it has a built in DVD player –(convenient for all those DVD’s my DD has given me over the years—I am eon’s behinds the times when it comes to seeing movies.) The other TV has a DVD player –but I use it less.

But—the new TV had a grounded(3 prong) plug--and while all my outlets are grounded, the outlet was pretty inaccessible –I had a short extension cord in it for the old TV- (a wall hugging plug extension cord)—but it wasn’t a grounded extension cord—so I couldn’t just plug in the new TV.

Instead I had to empty draws, and move the chest to replace the old extension cord with a power strip --(and the new TV came with 6 feet or so of cord to deal with—so while the foot print of the TV is smaller the space is now cluttered with wires!)

I hadn’t planned on rummaging through the storage closet to find a grounded power strip—(I did at least put away the now unused extension cord)

Needless to say though, while I was rummaging, I pulled out a bulb to replace the one that had blown out in the living room wall sconce last week (and no doubt the other bulb will blow any day now, since they were both put in at the same time—so there is a bulb handy for the second sconce—when ever it ends up being needed—instead of being on the top shelf!)

Of course, replacing the light bulb (it was, like 90% of the bulbs in my house, a florescent one—one of the cheaper coiled one--vs the slightly more expensive one that have the more conventional round look of a bulb (which are used in place where the bulbs sort of show)) was another mini project—of moving furniture (just an end table—but it had a lamp, and charger for the portable phone—(oh yeah, I was replacing my portable phones, too)---and the weather station.

And while I was rummaging in the storage closet—it made sense to re-arrange the paper goods.

I buy paper towels in large (cheap!) economy packs of 8 or 10 or 12 rolls--but 1 roll of paper towels last me 2 or more months. I have used 3 rolls since the summer (when I last I did any organization in the closet!) and, well, a simple task or two (setting up a new TV and plugging in some bases for portable phones) becomes hours of work!

(And the amount of garbage it generated!—another chore.)

Still to done is the programming the phone book of the new phone.

Really—it’s enough to make you want to become old, and out of touch!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last week –before I got sick

Or perhaps, when I was at my sickest, and didn’t know it…

Some yarn jumped onto some needles and started giving my fingers orders.

(I am not sure my brain was involved at all)

And before I knew it-- this was appearing.

Last night, I knit the ribbing, and grafted the hem to the inside of the hat.

The petal’s should be really blocked—finger blocking helped-- but a real block is still needed.

The center is from a small scrap of Brown Sheep. The yellow is some unknown wool (Hey Cooknknit, do you remember what the yellow is? It was from a swap with you!) The green is Lion Brand Lion Wool—Lemon Grass is the color name.

It’s not a hat for the Hat Project--

Which is still 20 hats short of the 84 hat goal—not withstanding my boss’s (Kim) effort –she delivered 2 more hats to me yesterday.. Bringing her total up to 7!
(She is a great boss!)

Yesterday on subway home, I needed the full 45 minute ride to frog and repair a mess I made last week (when I was sick, and my brain was not fired up, but fried!) on the fingerless gloves—in terms of actually progress? 2 rounds completed in the past 6 days.  I am knitting from fingertips down to cuff, and have just completed the thumb opening—maybe 2 inches in all.
I’ll try and remember to photograph them tomorrow--but I am back logged--Almost a dozen hat have been donated and not featured here.. And there is lots of other blog fodder waiting to see the light of day (or monitor).

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm alive...

But still feel like death warmed over....

Got knocked flat on my back with something.. not the flu, or cold--no stuffy or running nose, no chest congestion.. Just fever--lots of fever--and aches and pains.

Dragged my self to work... where thankfully, my responsiblities are light.. (shuffling papper--intermittantly)

I've been in too much pain to do anything--certainly no knitting... 

You might ask why I am at work:
1--no sick days--(no work, no pay)
2--my boss (KIM) is great, and being out sick really makes things awkward for her... getting replacements is a real pain (first there are the keys..I 'open' the store (well, store front) each day--if I don't show up to open... it not as if some temp could just come in and replace me!

The only real work to work is getting here... (and today is a holiday, the subway wasn't empty but significanlty less crowded,  so that made it much less work!)

And I am I am feeling a bit better today-- So much better than I felt Saturday!  I know I am behind on stuff... but while feeling better, I am still dragging myself around.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to bending over to plug in the photo cable and upload some images.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I over slept--not by much..

But enough to have not have time to take photos!

So I didn’t do a new count of hats, and I don't have any photo’s!)
(You can check later--I'm thinking about taking photo's and uploading images when I get home-- the afternoon light isn't as good-but I'll try.)

But, if I recall correctly, I had 50 at last count.

Then over the weekend, Barbara gave me 6 more.

Last night, I got 4 from Dana, and 2 from Gwen, and 1 from Mia (she finished last week, but I just got it yesterday)—7 more!

My boss, Kim left two for me in the office (and has yet another one on needles, which will make a total of 5 from her!)

So 15 new hats(65!)--I am not counting the hat on the needles—just the hats in hand.

Carolyn has 1 more--(or is it 2?) and Robyn has one (we just have to cross paths!)

The numbers keep growing!

I am 1 inch or so into my fingerless gloves, (nothing done on the Black Purls) and a ball of Silk and Wool –Coats & Clarks, Mode Dea Silk and Wool—is whimpering and asking to be knit up--so I am likely to knit yet another hat!

(all these links are to Ravalry profiles)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fingerless gloves –2--for me!

Have been cast on--(and 3 rounds knit)—all on the subway, yesterday
But there was no knitting last night—I was being hemmed in by yarn.

Bundles and bags had been opened and rifled to find odd balls for the hat project-- and things were a mess.

My swift was once again operational, (now that the huge skein of cashmere has been untangled and balled up) and so yesterday I balled up a dozen different hanks of yarn; 2 huge (485m!) ones of cotton, 5 small ones (90 m) of wool, and a bunch of skeins smaller and larger than those first 2.

Most of the yarn got packed into clear bags (and the clear bags got packed into those clear ‘suit cases” (the kind that are use for “bed in bag” sets).
3 suit cases later-- the floor emerged!
I didn’t just pack, I organized.. (Cotton’s in one collection, Mohair in another, wools separate from wool blends, (and still, there is a huge collection of odd balls and partial skeins!)
The worst part? I was reminded of lovely yarns I forgot I had.. (and now my mental queue of
 what I want to knit is so long—if each day had 48 hours, and each week 10 day, I still would need YEARS to complete!
Well I better get going!

Barbara V (aka KnitNerd and BrooklynKnitNerd on Ravelry)donated 6 (SIX!)more hats—(the photos) over the weekend, and tonight I will pick up more at the LICKnits meeting.

I’ll tally them up and see what the total is—There is a break in the weather--it will be close to 60° (f) today (that’s about 16°c) but there is more cold weather expected –this balmy weather is just a teaser before spring really arrives.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Fingerless gloves 1—done

These fingerless gloves are for Miss B—they are small (but not that small--they fit over my huge mitts—(they don’t look good with the ribbing stretched out to the max, but they do fit!)

They are so soft-- the yarn is antique… Neveda Rubertin—(90% wool/10% angora---it was made in Holland*, (Leidshhe, Wolspinnerij N.V., Leiden)--and it was almost felted in the skein.. the angora tended to catch on its self as I knit too!  It already has a lovely halo, and I am sure it will bloom more once they are washed the first time.

(* I have been corrected at times for using the term HOLLAND interchangeably with Neatherlands…Holland is a state? province? area?) of the Neatherlands)But all over NYC the term is used to mean the ‘Dutch’ (the Holland Tunnel, the Holland American lines (cruise ship/ocean liners) Holland cheese, etc.)

Well in any case, they were bound off yesterday--and will be shipped off tomorrow.
The Black Pearl scarf—(subject of much discussion--and black humor yesterday at Panera's (West Babylon)) is moving along--6 purls have grown to a bakers dozen.
Ball 1 of the Silk Bamboo is almost gone (and from the looks of it, I’ll need more than 2 ball to complete (luckily, I bought 3)-its about 30 inche long now, and will be more than double that when done.

This morning as I photographed the finished gloves, I grabbed the 2 balled up skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns fingering weight 100% merino wool that I got backin October at Rhinebeck. I’ll cast on before I leave work, and start working on them as I head home on the subway.
My fingerless gloves are going to be almost as simple as Ms B’s—(though worked backwards. I’ll start at fingers, and work to the cuff. Each skein is about 175 yards—and should be more than enough for a long cuff—but this way I get to chose how long they will be!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Fingerless Gloves--Knitting in circles

The gusset is done--and the project is halted..

I knit the gusset(s) yesterday afternoon, on the way home (on the subway)

And managed to knit my self into a loop (I was working 2 on 2 (circ’s)—now the two fingerless gloves are looped onto a single needle.

Last night I was just to cold and tired to deal with it-- I’ll fix it (it’s an easy fix, I just need to slip half the stitches back onto the second circ) in a few minutes, and finish the gloves today.
But being tired and cold, my defenses were down-- I succumbed to the siren call of a scarf—One of several scarf ideas that have been haunting me.

(I know, I’ve sworn off scarves. I am never going to knit another scarf again! 

Well that’s almost true-- I just need to knit this one, and the pink silk one-(several patterns are under consideration)  and Anne Modiset's Falling Leaves pattern (from Scarf Style, edited by Pam Allen) in a soft green alpaca, and then… That’s it.. no more scarves!
(yeah, sure, and if you believe that, I have this bridge I can sell you) 

This scarf IS NOT Black Pearls, from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr.

(IT IS SO!) I loved this idea--and I am so totally making the scarf from the book.

Only I am using different yarn, at a different gauge, with a different number of repeats…
It’s totally Ms Barr’s idea.
It’s total my scarf!

I am using Patons Silk bamboo--soft, and shiny enough to look like black pearls—and working in stocking knit stitch; (smoother and more pearl like);
and I am stuffing with polyfil, not roving or wool batting.

Further more,I am going to make more sizes (than 3) of the Pearls—and they will be graduating from small to large, and back down to small, and make the scarf longer than she suggest.

Really—it’s HER pattern… It’s just that I am totally unable to follow a pattern!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

If you say A

Then you must say B…and if you say B, you must say C. If you say C…
Sometimes— that is just the way it goes.

Remember this? As I wound it onto my swift—before I dyed it--I stopped and tied the strands.. not once, not twice…but 4 times.(that is, I bundled the strands after 1/4 had been wound on the swift, and then again, when more yards had been put on, and again 3/4ths of way through, and finally when I has enough (this was done at 4 points!) 

The theory was, when it came time to make a ball the 4 ties would keep the strands more or less in order, and things would go smoothly.

Great theory--but it didn’t work. I ended up hand winding the yarn onto a cardboard bobbin (aka empty toilet paper roll!) and on every round of the swift, I had to pass the bobbin under or over a thread or two to untangle--its about 1500 yards (of 100% lace weight  cashmere) and that meant, stopping about 1000 times to untangle! (that ball is about the size of large grapefruit!)

I started winding this skein just after Christmas—and just finished it Wednesday.. (it’s been sitting, tangled, on my swift for over a month!)

But I had get it done--because other wise I couldn’t make nice little center pull cakes out of this yarn, (soon to be a set of fingerless gloves for my self) Some of the yarn I got back in October at Rhinebeck--I have some Zepher in a solid color to make a hat (or will i make a scarf?) to match.

But first, I need to make the fingerless gloves I promised Miss B (my granddaughter)—I started these twice, --the plan was to double knit them—but the third time, I just gave up, cast on singles, and went to work (that was yesterday on the subway!)

Her fingerless gloves are now 4 inches or so long, (I am about to start the thumb gusset) made from some old, old stash yarn—2 small (90 yards) skeins of this wool and angora blend.. (90%/10% blend)

It’s super soft to knit with –but it’s almost felted in the skein!

I don’t know if I will finish them tonight-- but I hope so!

--And not 1, but 2 scarves are calling out to me. (and I feel myself about to give into them..)--and another hat or two.. and a vest, and...(will I ever say Z?)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Done and Finished! Finished but not done?

Last night I was tired and cranky—and more snow didn’t make the matter any better!

But I put that irritation to work, and finally, finished up hats 12 and 13!

Of course I still haven’t knit the Where the wild things are crown, or the brown bear head, or a coonskin cap--and I might yet.
But for the moment, I am taking a break from hats.
More were delivered yesterday to Communitea—That’s where the LICKnit2 group has been meeting for some 3 or more years—(the group is about 5 years old)—but I am not sure how many—and can’t photograph them till I pick them up!

But as for my knitting, Hat 12 is sort of chullo--shaped, colorwork and ear flaps-- but not any sort of traditional chullo! It is slightly shaped, with increase in back and decreases near the ear flaps... and topped with...
(a mess of I-cord spaghetti?) well an interesting top knot of sorts.

Hat 13 is the reworked Red White and Blue—(with 13 stripes, 7 red and 6 white, and a 5 pointed star on a field of blue.) It’s a Square Hat for a Round Head—

I’ll get this pattern written up some time this month –before presidents day! 
It’s a simple hat, and it looks particularly nice in the patriotic motif.

But it’s a pattern that works well will lots of colors.  It’s not quite a stove pipe hat—or a beret--but a cross between the two!

Hat number 13 brings my contribution up to 15%--but the bulk of the knitting is being done by others—Other I have asked to help me reach the goal of 84 hats.

This is hard for me.

I have no problems helping others, but I do have a real problem asking for help.

It’s a bit easier to ask for help for others—so asking other knitters to knit for a charity is easier than asking anything for myself—but its still hard for me to do. I can be an iconoclast, and can sometimes come across as aloof. I find it very hard to ask for help—especially for things that are important to me.
Non-important stuff? I am as demanding as any NYer!

But I have asked for help getting these hats knit.

I have received so much help.
I have felt the need to knit and knit and contribute, because I am receiving –I asked and I received—and for me, this has been wonderful (Oh, yeah, it’s great for the kids, too)
I am recycling my good feelings into more hats! This project has enriched me, and has warmed me, as much as the hats will warm the students.

So while I am taking a break for another project or two—I don’t think I am finished knitting hats, not by a long shot!