Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 timing…

With my knitting.

At home, I am working on this –it’s all done but for the ribbing and cast off...Well the KNITTING is all but done!

At work, I am working on this-- Hat 15 for the 84 hat project (with the count still stuck in the 60’s!) –but more are coming tonight.

On the subway (homeward bound—I read the paper and do the crossword on the way to work) I am working on these fingerless gloves.

In the UFO pile for the moment, is the Black Pearls scarf.

Work on the  “at home” hat spills into work time, too,  since I am documenting the pattern—(for sale I think).

The text part of the pattern is simple for me. (I can knit leaf motif’s in my sleep!)

The hard part is checking the math—With complex patterns, I like to have the stitch count updated every time it changes –in this case, every other round—for 3o something rounds.

With a stitch count on each row, a complex pattern becomes an intermediary skill required pattern. 

And I still need to work on making a graph—something I am not very good at.
Graphing is not too hard with regular patterns.

But this is a sort of lace (increases and decreases) plus increase for general shaping—and the nature of a raised leaf motif, (in the round) means a wedge shaped graph, that has lots of grey ‘no stitch’ boxes. –the stitch count for each motif starts with 4 stitches, swells to 22, and ebbs back to 16.

Personally I prefer text patterns.. Especially nowdays—When, with computers and PDF files, and other electronic formats, it’s not an issue if a pattern take 4 pages.

When I write a pattern, I allow each round to have it’s own line—I don't run the text together. This makes it easier to read, and easier to tick mark each round as you complete it–(one of the generally recognized advantages to charts)
But I realize there are some who prefer charts.. and well, you have to give the people what they want.

Hat #14--the gold beanie with a Latvian braid brim is done...and has been uploaded to my project page on Ravelry. 

And Sunday past,  Miss Lucy (aka MissTibbets) and I had a hat swap--
She got the prototype of the Petal Power, and I got a Bulky blue cap for the Hat drive.

On my big noggin, the hat was small--but it's slightly too big for her normal sized head.

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