Thursday, February 19, 2009

The count is 64—

A score more hats are still needed.
These are the three newest ones.

One from Kim--1 X 1 twisted ribbing.

 Another from Tracy--2 X 2 ribbing --in
 Lamb's Pride

The third from Florence--a soft grey wool watch  cap

I’ll make another, and I know of 2 (1
 knit, 1 on needles) that I am getting on Sunday, and Carolyn has 1 or is it 2?(See? this is why I don’t count till the hat is in hand!)

--But that still leaves 15 more hats that are needed.

I plan to cast on my 14th hat today, (and get it out of the way so that I can make another flower hat--(and document the details as I go!)

My fingerless gloves are a scant 4 inches in length—I haven’t worked on them anywhere but on the subway.

At home—well--it’s a bit of an upheaval.

I have moved into the 21st century—and now own a LCD HDTV (and a converter box for my second TV)—It’s HUGE—50% bigger than the old one—a full 19 inches--

The new TV weighs ounces-- and it takes up less room. And it has a built in DVD player –(convenient for all those DVD’s my DD has given me over the years—I am eon’s behinds the times when it comes to seeing movies.) The other TV has a DVD player –but I use it less.

But—the new TV had a grounded(3 prong) plug--and while all my outlets are grounded, the outlet was pretty inaccessible –I had a short extension cord in it for the old TV- (a wall hugging plug extension cord)—but it wasn’t a grounded extension cord—so I couldn’t just plug in the new TV.

Instead I had to empty draws, and move the chest to replace the old extension cord with a power strip --(and the new TV came with 6 feet or so of cord to deal with—so while the foot print of the TV is smaller the space is now cluttered with wires!)

I hadn’t planned on rummaging through the storage closet to find a grounded power strip—(I did at least put away the now unused extension cord)

Needless to say though, while I was rummaging, I pulled out a bulb to replace the one that had blown out in the living room wall sconce last week (and no doubt the other bulb will blow any day now, since they were both put in at the same time—so there is a bulb handy for the second sconce—when ever it ends up being needed—instead of being on the top shelf!)

Of course, replacing the light bulb (it was, like 90% of the bulbs in my house, a florescent one—one of the cheaper coiled one--vs the slightly more expensive one that have the more conventional round look of a bulb (which are used in place where the bulbs sort of show)) was another mini project—of moving furniture (just an end table—but it had a lamp, and charger for the portable phone—(oh yeah, I was replacing my portable phones, too)---and the weather station.

And while I was rummaging in the storage closet—it made sense to re-arrange the paper goods.

I buy paper towels in large (cheap!) economy packs of 8 or 10 or 12 rolls--but 1 roll of paper towels last me 2 or more months. I have used 3 rolls since the summer (when I last I did any organization in the closet!) and, well, a simple task or two (setting up a new TV and plugging in some bases for portable phones) becomes hours of work!

(And the amount of garbage it generated!—another chore.)

Still to done is the programming the phone book of the new phone.

Really—it’s enough to make you want to become old, and out of touch!