Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Done and Finished! Finished but not done?

Last night I was tired and cranky—and more snow didn’t make the matter any better!

But I put that irritation to work, and finally, finished up hats 12 and 13!

Of course I still haven’t knit the Where the wild things are crown, or the brown bear head, or a coonskin cap--and I might yet.
But for the moment, I am taking a break from hats.
More were delivered yesterday to Communitea—That’s where the LICKnit2 group has been meeting for some 3 or more years—(the group is about 5 years old)—but I am not sure how many—and can’t photograph them till I pick them up!

But as for my knitting, Hat 12 is sort of chullo--shaped, colorwork and ear flaps-- but not any sort of traditional chullo! It is slightly shaped, with increase in back and decreases near the ear flaps... and topped with...
(a mess of I-cord spaghetti?) well an interesting top knot of sorts.

Hat 13 is the reworked Red White and Blue—(with 13 stripes, 7 red and 6 white, and a 5 pointed star on a field of blue.) It’s a Square Hat for a Round Head—

I’ll get this pattern written up some time this month –before presidents day! 
It’s a simple hat, and it looks particularly nice in the patriotic motif.

But it’s a pattern that works well will lots of colors.  It’s not quite a stove pipe hat—or a beret--but a cross between the two!

Hat number 13 brings my contribution up to 15%--but the bulk of the knitting is being done by others—Other I have asked to help me reach the goal of 84 hats.

This is hard for me.

I have no problems helping others, but I do have a real problem asking for help.

It’s a bit easier to ask for help for others—so asking other knitters to knit for a charity is easier than asking anything for myself—but its still hard for me to do. I can be an iconoclast, and can sometimes come across as aloof. I find it very hard to ask for help—especially for things that are important to me.
Non-important stuff? I am as demanding as any NYer!

But I have asked for help getting these hats knit.

I have received so much help.
I have felt the need to knit and knit and contribute, because I am receiving –I asked and I received—and for me, this has been wonderful (Oh, yeah, it’s great for the kids, too)
I am recycling my good feelings into more hats! This project has enriched me, and has warmed me, as much as the hats will warm the students.

So while I am taking a break for another project or two—I don’t think I am finished knitting hats, not by a long shot!

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