Saturday, February 28, 2009

DONE? I dunno…

The fingerless gloves--done? Or should I make them longer? I dunno.

I have lots more yarn—and I am thinking the left over, combined with the zepher will make a nice cowl.. Zepher lace to start and lace to end, and a bit of stocking knit in the middle.

The bit of NYC that I’ve been knitting –is that done? again—I dunno.

The artist thought it should be some what unfinished.. (the better to show off the detail of the plaza below) but is 14 inches enough? how tall is the model? another question that can be answered with I dunno.

There are still yards and yards of I-cord to knit.. and I thought maybe the I cord could extend beyond the knitting…but will that look stupid? ( I dunno)

Hats? Well I still haven’t broken 70—(and 84 are needed)

My boss Kim is enjoy knitting hats almost as much as I am—she has cranked out 7 so far.. (and there may be more yet!)

Me too, I am going to crank out more.  When will I have enough? I dunno.

It is interesting how we knitter get obsessed with variations on a theme—15 hats ins 8 weeks is a lot of hats—but I still have ideas for hats, and can still get excited about knitting another.. (And I’ve gotten other knitting done, too.)

Nanette has knit 456,782 mittens.. (she still has only 2 hands!) and she is still always knitting another pair.
(And, lending credence to the idea of great minds think alike--her newest pair has a 2 color Latvian braid on the cuff!)

Others have knit half a dozen shawls. Or a dozen sweaters, (and so many of us have several dozen pairs of socks!) 

Sometimes, it seems like knitting fills a deep seated  biological need!

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