Monday, February 09, 2009

Fingerless gloves 1—done

These fingerless gloves are for Miss B—they are small (but not that small--they fit over my huge mitts—(they don’t look good with the ribbing stretched out to the max, but they do fit!)

They are so soft-- the yarn is antique… Neveda Rubertin—(90% wool/10% angora---it was made in Holland*, (Leidshhe, Wolspinnerij N.V., Leiden)--and it was almost felted in the skein.. the angora tended to catch on its self as I knit too!  It already has a lovely halo, and I am sure it will bloom more once they are washed the first time.

(* I have been corrected at times for using the term HOLLAND interchangeably with Neatherlands…Holland is a state? province? area?) of the Neatherlands)But all over NYC the term is used to mean the ‘Dutch’ (the Holland Tunnel, the Holland American lines (cruise ship/ocean liners) Holland cheese, etc.)

Well in any case, they were bound off yesterday--and will be shipped off tomorrow.
The Black Pearl scarf—(subject of much discussion--and black humor yesterday at Panera's (West Babylon)) is moving along--6 purls have grown to a bakers dozen.
Ball 1 of the Silk Bamboo is almost gone (and from the looks of it, I’ll need more than 2 ball to complete (luckily, I bought 3)-its about 30 inche long now, and will be more than double that when done.

This morning as I photographed the finished gloves, I grabbed the 2 balled up skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns fingering weight 100% merino wool that I got backin October at Rhinebeck. I’ll cast on before I leave work, and start working on them as I head home on the subway.
My fingerless gloves are going to be almost as simple as Ms B’s—(though worked backwards. I’ll start at fingers, and work to the cuff. Each skein is about 175 yards—and should be more than enough for a long cuff—but this way I get to chose how long they will be!

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