Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fingerless gloves –2--for me!

Have been cast on--(and 3 rounds knit)—all on the subway, yesterday
But there was no knitting last night—I was being hemmed in by yarn.

Bundles and bags had been opened and rifled to find odd balls for the hat project-- and things were a mess.

My swift was once again operational, (now that the huge skein of cashmere has been untangled and balled up) and so yesterday I balled up a dozen different hanks of yarn; 2 huge (485m!) ones of cotton, 5 small ones (90 m) of wool, and a bunch of skeins smaller and larger than those first 2.

Most of the yarn got packed into clear bags (and the clear bags got packed into those clear ‘suit cases” (the kind that are use for “bed in bag” sets).
3 suit cases later-- the floor emerged!
I didn’t just pack, I organized.. (Cotton’s in one collection, Mohair in another, wools separate from wool blends, (and still, there is a huge collection of odd balls and partial skeins!)
The worst part? I was reminded of lovely yarns I forgot I had.. (and now my mental queue of
 what I want to knit is so long—if each day had 48 hours, and each week 10 day, I still would need YEARS to complete!
Well I better get going!

Barbara V (aka KnitNerd and BrooklynKnitNerd on Ravelry)donated 6 (SIX!)more hats—(the photos) over the weekend, and tonight I will pick up more at the LICKnits meeting.

I’ll tally them up and see what the total is—There is a break in the weather--it will be close to 60° (f) today (that’s about 16°c) but there is more cold weather expected –this balmy weather is just a teaser before spring really arrives.

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FuguesStateKnits said...

OOh! Is that an E-Z hat I see in navy blue in the upper left? And the one next to it is really really cool looking!!! Whoever gets these hats is really lucky!
Good on you!
Joan in Ellicott City "Merlin" - formerly from Lawn Guy Land