Friday, February 06, 2009

Fingerless Gloves--Knitting in circles

The gusset is done--and the project is halted..

I knit the gusset(s) yesterday afternoon, on the way home (on the subway)

And managed to knit my self into a loop (I was working 2 on 2 (circ’s)—now the two fingerless gloves are looped onto a single needle.

Last night I was just to cold and tired to deal with it-- I’ll fix it (it’s an easy fix, I just need to slip half the stitches back onto the second circ) in a few minutes, and finish the gloves today.
But being tired and cold, my defenses were down-- I succumbed to the siren call of a scarf—One of several scarf ideas that have been haunting me.

(I know, I’ve sworn off scarves. I am never going to knit another scarf again! 

Well that’s almost true-- I just need to knit this one, and the pink silk one-(several patterns are under consideration)  and Anne Modiset's Falling Leaves pattern (from Scarf Style, edited by Pam Allen) in a soft green alpaca, and then… That’s it.. no more scarves!
(yeah, sure, and if you believe that, I have this bridge I can sell you) 

This scarf IS NOT Black Pearls, from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr.

(IT IS SO!) I loved this idea--and I am so totally making the scarf from the book.

Only I am using different yarn, at a different gauge, with a different number of repeats…
It’s totally Ms Barr’s idea.
It’s total my scarf!

I am using Patons Silk bamboo--soft, and shiny enough to look like black pearls—and working in stocking knit stitch; (smoother and more pearl like);
and I am stuffing with polyfil, not roving or wool batting.

Further more,I am going to make more sizes (than 3) of the Pearls—and they will be graduating from small to large, and back down to small, and make the scarf longer than she suggest.

Really—it’s HER pattern… It’s just that I am totally unable to follow a pattern!

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FuguesStateKnits said...

My hat's off to you for knitting the Falling Leaves pattern! I gave up after realizing my brain was not giving in to the pattern!