Friday, February 27, 2009

Here’s Hat 15—Finished and Photographed

I love how the cast on edge, and ribbing make a neat flat donut hole.

And I love how I was able to finish the hat with about 1 and half yards of the yellow yarn left over!

I was so afraid I would run out of the yellow.. Sure, I could have ended with the grey in the center... but I don’t think it would have looked as good!

The whole thing was pattern-less,  free-hand knitting.

Cast on 88 (a good number!), 2 X 2 ribbing, increase over a few rounds (about 5 rounds between each increase round) till 120 stitches, then the first pattern round... a simple pattern of K1MC, K1CC; followed by a round of CC.

Some rounds of MC (and some decreases) and repeat of the pattern round.. only now 2 rounds of CC.. again, with MC and decreases.. and then again with pattern.. (and 3 rounds of CC)

The first few rounds were 8 decreases—every 4th round or so.. but after a few decreases, it changed to 16 decreases every 3rd round—enough to make a flat, not domed top.

I was afraid the color work made it to feminine, but curiously, several male customers admired it—and grey and yellow is a popular color pair for men’s winter jackets--so I think its gender neutral.

This is the new improved under side of the Petal Power hat... 
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Once a week, a friend and I get out to dinner--we used to do breakfast once or twice a week, but with work schedule these days, its easier to dinner once a week. 

We are both on a limited budget, so price is a big consideration for our restaurant choice.
Frequently, we end up having the salad bar at the local Sizzler –the price is right and place is clean-but it’s hardly fine dining!

Last night—a discount coupon had us heading to Woodside. (about 4 miles and 15 minutes away) We had dinner at Masala—and were pleasantly surprised.

For some reason, most Indian restaurants in NY are expensive--but last night, soup, appetizer, an entrée, and breads (pampadoms and nan) for 2 was under $50—(significantly under)making Masala a good value.

With the discount (and tip)--the dinner out ending up costing us $23—a $1 or so more than the salad bar at Sizzler--and it was much nicer dining experience.

It's just steps away from the No. 7 subway, or the Woodside station of the LIRR--or an easy drive from many points in Queens--an other bonus was parking--it was metered, but not at all hard to find a space--there were even spaces right in front of the door!

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