Thursday, February 05, 2009

If you say A

Then you must say B…and if you say B, you must say C. If you say C…
Sometimes— that is just the way it goes.

Remember this? As I wound it onto my swift—before I dyed it--I stopped and tied the strands.. not once, not twice…but 4 times.(that is, I bundled the strands after 1/4 had been wound on the swift, and then again, when more yards had been put on, and again 3/4ths of way through, and finally when I has enough (this was done at 4 points!) 

The theory was, when it came time to make a ball the 4 ties would keep the strands more or less in order, and things would go smoothly.

Great theory--but it didn’t work. I ended up hand winding the yarn onto a cardboard bobbin (aka empty toilet paper roll!) and on every round of the swift, I had to pass the bobbin under or over a thread or two to untangle--its about 1500 yards (of 100% lace weight  cashmere) and that meant, stopping about 1000 times to untangle! (that ball is about the size of large grapefruit!)

I started winding this skein just after Christmas—and just finished it Wednesday.. (it’s been sitting, tangled, on my swift for over a month!)

But I had get it done--because other wise I couldn’t make nice little center pull cakes out of this yarn, (soon to be a set of fingerless gloves for my self) Some of the yarn I got back in October at Rhinebeck--I have some Zepher in a solid color to make a hat (or will i make a scarf?) to match.

But first, I need to make the fingerless gloves I promised Miss B (my granddaughter)—I started these twice, --the plan was to double knit them—but the third time, I just gave up, cast on singles, and went to work (that was yesterday on the subway!)

Her fingerless gloves are now 4 inches or so long, (I am about to start the thumb gusset) made from some old, old stash yarn—2 small (90 yards) skeins of this wool and angora blend.. (90%/10% blend)

It’s super soft to knit with –but it’s almost felted in the skein!

I don’t know if I will finish them tonight-- but I hope so!

--And not 1, but 2 scarves are calling out to me. (and I feel myself about to give into them..)--and another hat or two.. and a vest, and...(will I ever say Z?)

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Melissa said...

What patience! I hate tangled yarn with a passion. There would have been much crying involved for me.